Why take it down in the 1st game of the Stanley Cup Final, and the other best bets for Wednesday

If Minkah Fitzpatrick owes you $ 20, it’s time to call and ask. Steelers It closed on a new five-year deal that would pay $ 73.6 million, with $ 36 million guaranteed.. He averages $ 18.4 million for the season, which is $ 10.6 million compared to what he intended to earn. Plus, Fitzpatrick makes it the highest paid security in the NFL, and well deserved.

Although Fitzpatrick is not considered the best defensive player in Pittsburgh – TJ Watt has just been named NFL Defender of the Year, after all – he is one of the best security in the league and has been for a long time. He has been a star in the University since he moved to Alabama, and has been improving year after year.

Also, if you’re in Pittsburgh, you’re seeing beginner Mitch Trubisky or Kenny Pickett as your QB in 2022, so you need to block that defense as soon as possible. You can’t leave a lot of points if you want to get back to the playoffs for the third season in a row!

Tie your skates now. The Stanley Cup final begins tonight.

All the times in the East, and all the options through the Caesars Sportsbook

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Lightning in the avalanche at 20:00 | TV: ABC

Last options:

Under 6s

  • The key trend: The underdogs are 10-1 in Tampa’s last 11 games
  • Option: Under 6s (-105)

The underdog was usually blind in Stanley Cup Final matches. But in the last five years, NHL games have become higher scores, going 14-11-4. This is not a tendency to blindly hammer, but it is a decisive change in the other direction.

Taking the bottom of it tonight, I don’t expect any change in the way the game is played. That is, each of the previous 29 Stanley Cup Final matches closed at 5 or 5.5. Tonight is a total of 6. Regardless of the total or the result of the bets, an average of 5.5 goals have been scored in the last 29 matches. I don’t know the last time a Stanley Cup Final game had a total of six, as my records don’t go back far enough to find one. Google didn’t help much either.

Whatever the date, it’s been a while, and while I won’t be surprised if this leads to six goals, history and my numbers suggest that it’s unlikely to happen.

Here’s what SportsLine has to say about the game: If you don’t want to hear me, you should listen to Matt Severance, the leading NHL disabled person on SportsLine. This season has gone 134-71-4 with the return of more than 27 units. He has a money line for Game 1 tonight.




Pirates and Cardinals, 19:45 | Television: MLB.TV

Last options:

More than 8.5

Options: more than 8.5 (-120) – The weather carries a lot of weight with this selection. I don’t know how it is in the place where you live now, but in the midwest, it gets hot in hell. We went from one of the top 60’s and 70’s temperatures to the 90’s from one night to the next, and when that happens the ball goes much further.

St. Louis’s forecasts for tonight will be a temperature of 96 degrees on the first field, with the wind blowing at 13 mph on the left field. In other words, in favor of the prayer pitcher. Roansy Contreras gets his start in Pittsburgh. Although it plays a lot of players, it also supports loud ball contact, which is not what any player wants in these conditions. St. For Louis, Jack Flaherty will make his first appearance of the season this spring after dealing with shoulder problems.

His return is a tremendous one for the Cardinals and their playoff hopes, but if I were him, I would rather return in a windy night.

The key trend: The 4-1 win over St. Louis in the last five games as a home favorite.

Padres at Cubs, 20:05 | Television: MLB.TV

Last options:

San Diego Padres +120

Option: Parents (+120) – Here’s another game that will be significantly affected by the weather, but a total of 12 are already there, I don’t see much value in the bet. Instead, we find value in Padres, which is basically a sub-game in a game that is basically a coinflip. I guess the biggest factor starts with Ryan Weathers Padres, and it’s the first MLB appearance of the season.

It makes sense to be skeptical of Weathers, who last season released an ERA of 5.32 with San Diego, but the Cubs are starting Caleb Kilian in exchange for Kris Bryant, who came from Chicago to San Francisco last year. He made his MLB doubles debut on June 4 in St. Louis. Against Louis and left three runs in five innings, he knocked out six. There’s a reason to have a high-profile prospect, but I don’t anticipate it being in-depth today, and last night he ran nine runs in four innings and lately has the backing of a bullring that has been asked to cover a lot of innings.

The key trend: The Cubs have lost eight in a row and have won just 19 of their last 65 home games.

SportsLine day selection: Golf statistics expert Sal Johnson offers his best bets and opportunities at The Country Club for the US Open, Brookline, Mass.

US Open Top 10ak

Four of our five golfers finished in the top 10 last week. Lau! After a slow start to the golf season with our top 10 props, we’ve been building a lot of land in the last month. Let’s stay warm with these five golfers this weekend.

  • Xander Schauffele (+225)
  • Patrick Cantlay (+250)
  • Keegan Bradley (+600)
  • Brian Harman (+1200)
  • Alex Noren (+1400)

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