Wheel the World uses technology to break down barriers to accessibility

The leading travel booking company for travelers with disabilities, Wheel the World, is breaking down barriers to travel by combining technology and crowdsourcing with its Accessibility Mapping System (AMS) to find accurate accessibility information on accommodation, destinations and experiences that travelers can use. 25 countries.

Alvaro Silberstein, founder and CEO of Wheel the World, explains how AMS works, how “maps” test accessibility, and how travelers can take advantage of a startup resource.


TravelPulse (TP): How does the Accessibility Mapping System work?

Alvaro Silberstein (AS): Through the Wheel the World website, users can create personalized accessibility profiles, allowing Wheel the World to recommend lists that are compatible with their travel plans and accessibility needs. Accessibility Map System (AMS) is used to collect real-time accessibility information in more than 200 data, such as staff training, wheelchair accessibility, transportation logistics, braille signage availability, ramp access, equipment fitting requirements, bed height, room measurements and more. Already the most comprehensive database of its kind, Wheel the World “mappers” continue to collect and submit information from around the world to inform site listings.

TP: What are “mappers” and how many volunteers does Wheel the World use as a mapper?

AS: Mappers are volunteers who gather accessibility information to various destinations, hotels, attractions, etc. around the world. With real-time tracking of the data using the accessibility mapping system, more than 200 mappers around the world continue to collect and submit information for information on accommodation, visits, attractions, and activities on Wheel the World’s 425 sites.

TP: How can travelers interact with / use the AMS on Wheel the World website?

AS: Passengers can create their own accessibility profile on the Wheel the World website. The profile creation process guides users through specific accessibility needs, a robust set of questions and questions aimed at measuring their level of comfort in various hypothetical situations where mobility may be challenging, as well as deepening the details of whether or not a person. you may need grab bars in the shower. The question also includes being a friend while traveling, including measurements of mobility equipment and more. Another invitation lists 10 floor types and establishes a system for assessing the comfort or discomfort of users maneuvering on different types of floors.

TP: Can you tell me a little bit about Wheel the World Certified Partners? How can a tour operator, attraction or accommodation partner become a partner?

AS: Hotel and rental properties, tour operators and attractions can submit their accessibility information free of charge through the website or mobile app to become a Wheel the World Certified Partner. These partnerships allow tourism entities to stay up-to-date on the accessibility of their property and attractions from the growing community of Wheel the World, while 50,000 passengers with disabilities, with their relatives and friends, generate new income.

Another collaborative opportunity is through Wheel the World’s affiliate program, which is specifically designed for travel agents. Working partnerships vary depending on the type of travel agent seeking a partnership with Wheel the World. For example, luxury travel agencies work directly with customers (so they have a direct relationship), and Wheel the World helps them with all the travel booking and planning processes to ensure that travel agencies offer the best possible experience to travelers.

When working with specific travel agents, organizations, and websites about accessibility, Wheel the World has a direct relationship with passengers to manage the entire process and ensure that travelers have an accessible experience. Participating travel agents have the option to create commissions for each Wheel the World service reserved for their customers. In addition, after a simple registration process, travel agencies will have access to Wheel the World Academy, which has expert advice on accessible travel and how to better market and serve travelers with disabilities. Wheel the World’s affiliate program was launched in February 2022.


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