Webex Cisco offers new technologies to enable the flexibility of the hybrid workgroup

News Summary:

  • Updating Webex Calling, which is part of the Webex Suite, improves call quality and reliability, and expands your global reach.
  • Introduces new Webex Room Bar and Cisco Video Phone for hybrid work
  • All of the innovations take advantage of AI for best-in-class audio for hybrid work

SAN JOSE, California, June 9, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) unveils new Webex Calling innovations today. Webex Suite to improve the flexibility, reliability and audio quality of the work. Customers are no longer at risk of dropping calls despite network interruptions and bandwidth issues. Webex Calling users can now automatically remove background noise from external callers to optimize audio with a new feature that takes advantage of Webex Suite’s intelligence capabilities. Cisco also launched new hybrid work devices: the Webex Room Bar and the Cisco Video Phone 8875.

“In today’s hybrid work environment, it is essential that organizations help employees achieve the best experience wherever they choose to work. This includes calls, as it is increasingly embedded in our daily workflows as the cloud speeds up,” he said. Jeetu Patel, EVP and GM, Cisco Security and Collaboration. “Cisco is a clear leader in the cloud calling marketplace, providing customers with a secure, extreme call experience and best-in-class innovation.”

New Webex Call Updates
New Webex Calling Updates improve the reliability and experience of call systems, which are essential for the day-to-day running of business. Updates include:

  • Site survival PSTN (PSTN) calls to ensure that companies can make and receive calls during a network outage. This feature is easily deployed and managed through the Webex Control Hub and ensures that phone services are always available.
  • Audio Intelligence Improvements expand Webex’s AI-based background noise removal technology to now include PSTN calls with external callers. Webex Calling users can eliminate background noise from an external caller with a single click on the Webex application or supported devices.

Webex Calling is part of the Webex Suite – the industry’s first suite of hybrid work offering Cloud / Premises Calls, Messaging, Meetings, Surveys, Whiteboards, Asynchronous Videos, and Events in a unified and secure offering. Webex Calling is available in more than 110 countries around the world. Cisco Calling Plans have been rolled out Asia Pacific service region Australia and New Zealand.

New Webex Room Bar
A examine Cisco’s 95% of employees with Dimensional Research suffer from video fatigue and want changes in the company’s culture and technology. Users of Webex collaboration devices reported 30% less frustration than those who only use one laptop.

To address this, Cisco is introducing a powerful room device that turns meeting rooms and small and medium-sized meeting rooms into areas for collaboration. Webex Room Bar. The Webex Suite AI capabilities make sure that everything in the room is perfectly arranged and that all participants have the same presence in the call, and that automatically removing background noise reduces distractions. The Webex Room Bar’s spatial audio provides the best audio experience whether or not participants are in the room. Through the interoperability of third-party videos, customers have the flexibility to access any meeting, including Webex, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

New Cisco Video Phone
With a new video desk phone – Cisco Video Phone 8875 – Webex users can make phone calls and video meetings while maximizing productivity and reducing meeting fatigue when the “hot table” is becoming the new normal in the workplace. Cisco Video Phone 8875 offers:

  • Shared features and customization for hot tables: Users can sign in to a Cisco Video Phone 8875 to access the Webex Suite profile, settings, and calendar. And with a QR code, users can sign in and authenticate their calls and video meetings to work at any desk, for modern hotdesking in any office.
  • Quality interactions and a better meeting experience: AI-powered Cisco audio intelligence automatically reduces background noise and 1080p screen resolution improves video quality, both of which were mentioned as a major issue that negatively affects video meetings (source: Meeting Fatigue Research). The camera cover provides privacy at meetings.
  • Easy to use and intuitive interface: On the 7-inch touch screen, one-click access and call-to-call meetings (known to Webex users) make it easy to access and make meetings.
  • Simple IT management: Unique management tool makes it easy to manage Cisco Video Phone 8875 for internalization, analysis, restart, and reporting.

With this new device, users will be able to maintain higher audio and video quality, with the only focus being communication, which will not run counter to battery life or other laptop resources.

Availability and price
Webex Calling’s audio intelligence enhancements will be launched this summer, and the local survival feature will be available for preview this fall for Webex Suite customers. Webex Suite prices start at this time $ 11.95 one month Cisco Suggested Resale Price (CSRP) Webex Suite Enterprise Agreement provides a complete set of Webex tools for connecting, communicating, and creating together. The new Webex Room Bar is now available $ 3,795 CSRP. Cisco Video Phone 8875 will be available starting in August.

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