VIANAI Systems presents the first revenue science platform for the company

Viana accelerates causal data science solutions by purchasing Dealtale to create a new AI-driven category to re-represent customer engagement.

PALO ALTO, California, May 24, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Vianai Systems (“Vian”), a human-centered AI platform and product company, today launched the Dealtale Revenue Science Platform to implement a new Vian causal data science solution in conjunction with Dealtale’s unencrypted data platform. A category called Income Science. Revenue Science looks deeper than traditional machine learning solutions not only to predict revenue, but also to show how marketing, sales, and product activities drive sales. The platform puts these skills directly in the hands of business professionals without the need for data science, engineering or IT expertise. This unprecedented value time allows companies with a high level of data maturity to immediately take advantage of sophisticated AI techniques, without cost, technique or resource barriers.

This human-based AI approach allows more organizations to deploy AI models faster and across more areas of the business, bringing sophisticated AI techniques directly to business users to achieve intelligence-based results.

“The Dealale Revenue Science Platform allows us to identify new campaign strategies that improve ROI and drive conversions in our sales, marketing and advertising platforms,” he said. Alon MaimoniDirector, Digital Sales, NetApp.

“Every business in the world strives to create the right customer engagement, and the pandemic has intensified its digital transformation. In the last three years, Jake Klein and his team has worked hard to bring Human-Centered AI, especially to the next AI limit of Causal Intelligence, to help companies create meaningful, relevant, and empathetic commitments, ”said Drs. Vishal Sikka, Founder and CEO of Vian. “With Dealtale’s proven unencrypted customer intelligence platform, we are able to create this new category of Revenue Science to help companies around the world achieve value advancement and business results in their customer engagement by delivering powerful AI tools directly to business users.”

Dealtale Revenue Science Vian is a next-generation suite of applications built on the H + AI platform that promotes advanced revenue opportunities among marketing, sales and product groups. Vian’s unique and in-depth experience in causal data science and AI, along with the code-free Dealtale platform, allows teams to predict what will happen as well as understand what actions they need to take to optimize revenue.

Existing sales and marketing solutions use ML to find correlations in the data, which can lead to a biased and misunderstanding of what really drives sales. Dealtale Revenue Science Platform overcomes these challenges by using techniques built to identify causal relationships between business activities and results.

“Revenue Science represents an evolution of Revenue Operations and Forecasts. Rather than describing or predicting what will happen, RevSci empowers you to act by identifying steps that increase sales,” he said. Jake KleinDealtale, Managing Director of Vianai Systems.

With Dealale Revenue Science, customers can quickly and easily connect all of their CRM, marketing automation, website, advertising, and other tools without the help of data scientists, engineers, or IT, and get them up and running in hours.

The capabilities of the Dealale Revenue Science Platform include:

  • Prescription Conversion: Identify the most likely opportunities to convert as a result of sales and marketing actions.
  • Budget optimization: Assign marketing expense to the expected customer ARR.
  • Multi-touch attribution: Calculate the additional contribution of marketing and sales touch points.
  • Proactive approaches: Automatic detection of outliers and anomalies with the ability to analyze the causes.
  • Next best action: Reliably estimate and optimize the impact of actions across the customer’s trajectory.

These improved skills for sales, marketing and product professionals allow them to optimize results rather than make predictions. Dealtale Revenue Science already has a strong customer base of over 35 customers in a variety of industries, and has great in-depth experience with leading digital companies such as Aqua Security, Worthy and BigID.

Leading digital companies and companies across the spectrum of AI maturity levels have embraced these solutions quickly, enabling companies to apply highly sophisticated techniques directly, using data science or engineering resources and estimating them from unprecedented time-to-time AI solutions.

Dealtale Purchasing adds an exciting new category of solution built on the recently released Vian H + AIä Platform for the company’s first human-centered AI platform. The Vian H + AI platform, which includes Vian MLOps, is designed to help companies maximize the power of AI to drive their most strategic business opportunities, while helping to build trust, transparency and accountability around AI technologies.

Dealtale’s acquisition is an addition to Vian’s Customer Intelligence and Causal Data Science work led by the Vian Israel team. Dealtale is headquartered there Israel and Vian Israel will join the causal data science group.

About Vian:
Vianai Systems, Inc. It is a human-based AI platform and product company to meet the unfulfilled promise of the AI ​​company launched in 2019. Vian’s clients include many of the world’s largest and most respected businesses, and offer them AI, ML, and data science platforms and products. Vian helps its customers increase the transformational potential of their organizations by using the H + AI Platform and products, including the Vian H + AI MLOps Platform, Dealtale Revenue Science, and others, with a diverse approach to integrating human beings with technology. This human-centered approach sets Vian apart from other platform and product companies and enables its customers to fulfill the true promise of AI for the benefit of humanity.

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