Vasilevsky did not lose much of his chance to get rid of his opponents

Wraparound is a daily look at the 2022 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. Today we’re going to hand out the NHL playoff games with all the important information on TV.

• Lightning will enter Game 6 on Saturday night, their third straight trip to the Stanley Cup Final with only one win.

• The path of the Bruins will probably be dictated by the contract status of David Pastrnak.

• The Panthers shouldn’t react to the Stanley Cup Playoff performance.

With one more win, the Tampa Bay Lightning will return to the Stanley Cup Final for the third season in a row and for the fourth time in seven seasons.

They will enter the 6th game of the Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday night with a 3-2 series advantage over the New York Rangers after winning three games in a row. Lightning’s top line has been a combination of taking over, as well as Andrei Vasilevskiy scoring just four goals in 3-5 games in the series.

If history is close, this is where Vasilevsky really begins to shine.

Vasilevsky has been one of Lightning’s constants in the last three seasons, playing every minute in the post-season team at goal. Although his overall numbers are sensational and have helped him establish his status among the greats of all time, he really takes it when he has the opportunity to knock an opponent out of the playoffs. These games are just as automatic as any NHL player can be.

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Since the start of the 2019-20 season, Vasilevsky and Lightning have played 15 games where they have had a chance to eliminate an opponent.

Vasilevsky’s record is 10-5 in those matches (only one of those polls is in the rules; the other four are in overtime) with a staggering 951 save percentage. sei closures.

For his career, he has a .944 savings percentage in 22 games where Lightning has a chance to eliminate an opponent. He has conceded two or fewer goals in 15 games. He has conceded one or less goals in 10 games.

Perhaps more surprising is the fact that he has missed three potential playoffs in his career, conceded just two goals and had a savings percentage of over 0.940. He conceded just two goals per game in the four overtime period. He has conceded three goals in three potential playoffs in his career only three times in regulation. So even when he doesn’t really get the win he’s almost perfect in these types of games.

The bad news is for the Rangers, who have struggled to create a consistent attack in the last three games.

Not only did Vasilevsky bounce back from an uneventful start in 1-2 games, he also put his lightning bolts on the defensive in 3-5 games in the set.

By winning the 5th game in Tampa Bay, for example, the Rangers only created five high-risk chances (in all situations) throughout the game, only one of which came after the first half.

In all three of these games, the chances of a high-risk goal were 53-26 in favor of Lightning (67%) and the expected goals were 13.01-7.38 in favor of Lightning (64%).

In terms of goal chances and expected goals, Lightning doubles the Rangers across the board. That kind of game isn’t going to be good enough for Lightning and Vasilevskiy to win any game, let alone the playoff game. Lightning has not only been the best team in the league in the last seven years, but has developed the ability to close out teams when they have the opportunity.

Add to that the fact that Saturday’s game is in Tampa Bay, where the Lightning have gone 6-1 after the postseason, and the Rangers will need a tremendous amount of effort, probably the best post-season to this point, to force a 7th game.

2022 NHL playoff schedule: Eastern Conference Finals


Game 1 – Rangers 6, Lightning 2
Game 2 – Rangers 3, Lightning 2
Game 3 – Lightning 3, Rangers 2
Game 4 – Lightning 4, Rangers 1
Game 5 – Lightning 3, Rangers 1
Match 6 – June 11: Rangers at Lightning, 8pm ET, (ESPN, SN, CBC, TVAS)
* 7. Match – June 14: Lightning at Rangers, 8pm ET, (ESPN, SN, CBC, TVAS)

* If necessary

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