The No. 22 Texas Longhorns has finished the regular season with the Kansas Sweep

With Saturday’s game over, Longhorns’ regular season is officially over. They ended on a strong note, sweeping the series against Kansas. Now this week they will enter the Big 12 Championship with a five-game winning streak to return to the top 16 and organize a regional.

Game 1: No. 22 Texas 12 Kansas 4

After a week-long break, Longhorns hoped Pete Hansen would make a solid start to the mound, which he would easily give up. Hansen would leave the run at the top of the third, but he would settle down immediately, leaving only three more runs at his start. After all, Hansen would give the Longhorns six four-run baseball innings, scoring seven hits and five strikeouts. He would get his ninth win of the season as he entered the bullring and gave up three goalless innings to block the win.


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