The hero of Darrius Shepherd raises the general above Panther

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – The Generals of New Jersey It’s the biggest rush in the USFL.

However, as the Michigan Panthers slowed down, the Generals turned to Darrius Shepherd and passed in the game.

The Shepherd finished with eight catches for the 99-yard touchdown run, including the game-winner – a 17-yard touchdown pass to the Generals that beat the Panthers 25-23 at Protective Stadium on Saturday.

Generals Darrius Shepherd got the game-winning TD

Generals Darrius Shepherd got the game-winning TD

The New Jersey receiver led General Darrius Shepherd with eight 99-yard touchdowns and won the game with a touchdown. Michigan receiver Joe Walker led the Panthers ’offense with seven catches for 129 yards and two touchdowns.

“I’m proud to have found a way to win over our team,” Generals coach Mike Riley said. “It looked a little bad. I felt on the sidelines. But when we had to stop, and when we had to play a few games on offense, we did.”

The USFL main runner entered the 9th week when Darius Victor was slowed down by a toe problem, transporting a total of just 18 meters. Trey Williams led the generals with 62 yards on 11 carries.

After leading most of the game, New Jersey came out on top with a four-point lead after a 25-yard goal from Cole Murphy with 6:37 left. But Luis Perez, who designed the decisive record after a great return from Cam Echols-Luper, put it close to the middle of the New Jersey pitch (he also had an 18-meter backhand for the scoreboard).

In the 17th and 5th meters of Michigan, the Shepherd turned a pass against the press coverage, winning her man in the lead.

“When your number is called, you have to do plays,” Shepherd said. “Coach [Riley] They put us on the sidelines today, giving us a chance to show what we can do. ”

Along with the Shepherd, KaVontae Turpin remains the most explosive player in the league, pulling out a 71-meter return with just over 10 minutes left in the first half, the first return to take home this season. USFL.

KaVontae Turpin takes it home

KaVontae Turpin takes it home

The New Jersey Generals take a 10-0 lead over the Michigan Panthers after KaVontae Turpin returned home 71 yards out.

“Coach (Riley) told me at the beginning of this game that this will probably be the day you get one,” Turpin said. “So I told him I was going to be patient there. Once I hit the hole and came back outside, I was trying to be a player for the team, basically.”

The Generals overcame two missed goals and two extra points missed to improve on the 8-1 result of the year, and won their eighth game in a row. The Panthers fell to 1-7 and lost six in a row.

For the first three games of the year for the Pittsburgh Maulers quarterback, Josh Love started for the Panthers quarterback. Michigan’s early quarterbacks earlier this season – Paxton Lynch and Shea Patterson – were both unavailable. Lynch was inactive in the game, and Patterson, the No. 1 pick in the draft, was removed a couple of weeks ago and is now a member of the New Orleans Breakers team.

Lov finished 12th from 21th in the 168m with two touchdown passes and two innings. Hercules was hit by Mataafa and limped off the field with a right knee injury. Love Trae was chosen by Elston in the play.

East Washington product Eric Barriere replaced Love in the starting lineup. Barriere played solid in the first act of the USFL, going 14 to 24 for 118 yards and giving Ishmael Hyman a touchdown.

However, at the end of the match, he needed a field goal, and Barriere was caught by Paris Ford, sealing the victory for the Generals.

Joe Walker played well in Michigan, finishing with seven rebounds in 129 yards and two touchdowns.

The Panthers were pretty much beaten after this when they lost defender Cameron Scarlett (unspecified) and receiver Devin Ross (knee) due to injury. Defender Reggie Corbin did not play due to injury.

Michigan finished the game with only one healthy runner and quarterback available.

“This was probably what I was most proud of about our boys,” said Michigan coach Jeff Fisher. “The last man standing was one of them.”

Capturing Toby Johnson

Nose of New Jersey Toby Johnson lived a dream of great men against the Panthers: he showed his athleticism by putting on his big gloves in football.

In the first quarter, Destiny Vaeao deflected a Love pass into the air. An exciting Johnson followed, and made an impressive catch.

The general made a point of mistake when Austin Jones scored a 36-yard goal.

Tre Williams update

Fisher gave some good news about the injured defensive player Tre Williams.

When Michigan lost to the Philadelphia Stars last week, Williams was sidelined for several minutes on and off the field on a board and stretcher and taken to the University of Alabama-Birmingham Medical Center.

However, Fisher said Williams is out of the hospital and was on the sidelines watching his teammates play on Sunday. Fisher said Williams has a chance to play in Michigan’s final game next week.

“Tre is doing tremendously well,” Fisher said. “We didn’t leave it out of the last game, I’m very happy to say that the Good God was listening to our prayers because it was a great event of the prayer answered there. The agreement was terrifying.

“It’s good. He was around his teammates this week. He has a bit of mobility. It’s a doctor’s permission. But for me to say he has a chance to play two weeks since we suffered last week, he’s pretty good.”

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