The GOP has a cross-cutting goal in Fetterman’s health in the Pennsylvania Senate race

The goodwill is over. Now, Pennsylvania Governor John Fetterman’s stroke is officially a campaign issue in the U.S. state swing state swing race.

But instead of directly criticizing Fetterman for his health, Republicans are taking a different view: they are demeaning Democrats for not being more transparent about the stroke they hospitalized four days before the May 17 primary won well.

The Fetterman campaign waited two days to announce his hospitalization, published a statement that confused cardiologists, and later admitted he had a previously unrecognized heart disease, and doctors took them to install a pacemaker with a defibrillator last month. He was released from hospital several days after the election.

On Thursday, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, or NRSC, released a web ad announcing news reports from experts and reporters discussing his Fetterman campaign about his health and hospitalization, “Is John Fetterman having trouble telling the truth?”

The ad, from the arm of the Republican Senate campaign, was a far cry from Fetterman’s opponent, the famous TV doctor Mehmet Oz. I wish him well when they were hospitalized.

According to an NRSC, this is the first time that Fetterman’s health has been raised – albeit indirectly – by Republicans to tarnish the mark of a Democrat who is planning a purchase of pay-TV media. a consultant who was not allowed to discuss the campaign strategy publicly. The adviser said the NRSC intends to target Fetterman as he discussed an incident in 2013 when he fired a gun at a black man suspected of criminal acts.

Pennsylvania Democrats, meanwhile, have expressed concern about how the Fetterman campaign has handled the stroke and debate over the gun incident. But a spokesman for the lieutenant governor said GOP criticism would not work with voters.

“Pennsylvania voters know and trust John Fetterman. What they don’t trust is Mehmet Oz, who is a swindler and a swindler, who is not even from Pennsylvania and who doesn’t know him, “said Fetterman spokesman Joe Calvello, referring indirectly to the attack on the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee’s web ad. Oz, whose campaign would not comment.

Fetterman’s wife, Gisele Fetterman, said in an interview with NBC News on Wednesday that her family and campaign were open about her condition as they tried to “navigate these very personal and difficult things very publicly.”

“We’ve done a great job in transparency,” he said.

On election day, Gisele Fetterman suggested that her husband’s condition was not so bad, and described the stroke as “a little bitch.” He said he would “get back on his feet in no time.” But Fetterman has been in hospital for nine days, and his campaign says he is still resting and may not return to the road until July.

It wasn’t until last Friday that Fetterman, in a doctor’s note, reported that in 2017 he was diagnosed with “atrial fibrillation, irregular heart rhythm and decreased heart rate.”

Fetterman, who weighed in at 6 feet 8 and 418 pounds when diagnosed, was mayor of Braddock, immediately put on a diet after diagnosis, and a year later claimed his new healthy lifestyle, he said. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review lost 148 pounds. In that interview he did not mention his heart problem, nor was he taking heart medication or seeing a doctor at the time.

“He probably thought to himself, ‘I’ve lost 150 pounds. I’m running. I’m healthy now. I don’t have to tell anyone, I don’t have to see a doctor or take my medication.’ Well, that was silly. and people are asking questions, ”said Democratic Democrat strategist Neil Oxman of Pennsylvania.

Oxman said the Republican attack on Fetterman’s transparency was the only way to reach his health without being cruel. But he said the importance of voting with voters would be limited in time and because he hoped Fetterman would return to the campaign.

“If it’s up and running three weeks from now, no one cares,” Oxman said.

Republican adviser Charlie Gerow, who unsuccessfully ran for governor in last month’s GOP primary, agreed with Oxman that the attack is “not a game changer” and said Fetterman would be further confused by inflation and other midterm winds that Democrats will face in the medium term. elections.

But Gerow said that in a very divided swing situation, everything matters.

“When the candidates don’t speak correctly, it’s not acting well,” Gerow said.

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