Technology strengthens human careers at Accenture

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There is a saying that goes, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” The same could be said of companies. If you want to know what a company is like, get to know its employees. After all, they are his heart and soul and have a unique vision of his values ​​and culture.

For Accenture, a leading global professional services company, employees are at the forefront of fulfilling their goal of fulfilling the promise of technology and human intelligence. He acknowledges that change can be better exploited when empowering people with the latest technical knowledge.

Accentur has always focused on technology and innovation. With digital, cloud and security capabilities, Accentur provides Strategy and Consulting, Interactive, Technology and Operations services.

Innovative company

To foster innovative thinking, the company provides ongoing learning and training for all people in the Philippines, enabling them to create new technology solutions to serious problems. Outsourcing roles are moving away from transactional tasks and evolving into others that require skills in automation, cloud, data, and security, among others.

Recently recognized as a Great Place to Work and ranked third in the Best Workplaces in the Philippines in 2022, Accenture is full of stories about how its people have benefited from a culture of learning and how technology has created value and shared success with its customers.

For many, learning new skills and technologies has given them a bigger dimension to their roles and the work they do. Take the case of Michelle, who is in charge of project and program management and joined Accenture as a data analyst. Realizing that automation could improve real-time analysis, the company took courses in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming to connect to the client system and build an application that automatically generated reports, reducing processing time by 20%.

JP, a learning experience design manager, took courses on Value Stream Mapping and the Lean Six Sigma method and used that knowledge to ensure quality and simplify processes for the team of analytics professionals to “resolve network vendors”. customer problems quickly and accurately “.

With the automation of learning, Mark, a specialist marker administrator, increased his expertise and, together with his team, developed and innovated strategies using a marker system for a foreign gas and electricity company in pioneering outbound services. “Automation, especially when it comes to compiling reports, certainly makes our job easier. It helps us provide accurate and complete data to our customer, ”Mark said.

For Chester, Manila’s leader in innovation helps him create tools to improve the operations of customers in the health insurance industry using AI and automation technologies. “Through automation, our customers are able to deliver their services in a timely and accurate manner, which is critical because they affect the health and livelihoods of our customers.”

Promoting environment

Fostering Accenture’s innovative culture is a supportive work environment that recognizes each person’s unique contribution and growth. Employees are not only given the resources and equipment to do their job; their superiors also have tutors and receive support from solidarity groups.

Vanessa, a functional analyst, remembers how she was ordered to open several utilities and analysis panels as soon as she joined University Accent four years ago. He gained confidence in the beginning thanks to his team. “In the team, experienced leaders who master the work of knowledge and new graduates who see solutions with a new pair of eyes have a close partnership. That’s a winning combination,” he said.

For CJ, the business excellence advisory manager, the company’s inclusive and open communication channels and global network were key to learning best practices outside of formal training. “We work with everyone. That’s the beauty of Accenture’s culture: we can reach out to our global networking colleagues for repeat initiatives. ”

Accenture’s diverse and inclusive culture creates innovation and opportunities for learning and training, according to Dathy’s associate director. “My mantra is to keep working and moving and learning,” he said. “Accenture’s culture of respect empowers me to do just that: the company provides equal opportunities for each employee to grow and achieve career milestones.”

Only upwards

The combination of human ingenuity and technology transforms not only business, but also careers. Raymond is well aware of this, as he has left farming at Accenture for a job processing invoices. Through the company’s learning platforms, he has mastered data analysis technologies and techniques and is now a leader in project management and customer business transformation, encouraging customers to try new technologies to transform their businesses.

The ability to innovate opened up new avenues for Jimmy Accenture’s early career as an automation manager. A cash application analyst then introduced automation to his team, which led his manager to recommend a new role to help drive critical business decisions based on measures and process efficiency.

For Marian, the skills she developed in data visualization, data analytics, and reporting led her to develop her career as an associate program and project management manager. “My ultimate goal is to use that knowledge and contribute to the business transformation of our customers.”

After taking advantage of every opportunity to improve her skills, Anne shares Marian’s vision. Anne, an expert in business transformation, is well aware of how the combination of technology and human creativity enables us to make significant changes in the world. “Accenture allows you to grow and learn in the face of new technologies and business strategies. We work with organizations to shape the future and make smart ideas a reality. ”

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