Notre Dame will play in the game waiting for a readjustment because they can

As we conclude the long weekend of July 4, a question has been brought to the forefront of the whirlwind of speculation about the future of college athletics: was this Notre Dame’s last Independence Day as an independent? Since USC and UCLA announced their big Tenera in 2024 last week, everything is quiet under the … Read more

The best forecast for 2024 is to prepare for an NCAA indefinite relationship

Traveling across the country from weekly live training sessions to studying game movies to competing in showcases and tournaments every week, Tre Johnson’s schedule doesn’t allow for a nap. “That’s not something I’ve had a lot of time,” Johnson says. “I’m always working; especially now that he’s out of school. ‘ However, when the clock … Read more

20Fathoms, Michigan Tech Partner to Advance Technology Entrepreneurship | Business

TRAVERSE CITY – Michigan Tech University and Traverse City are more than 360 miles apart by road and Mackinac Bridge. A new program between 20Fathoms and Upper Peninsula University aims to bridge the gap between the two. Earlier in the year, an agreement was reached to conduct research on campus, helping to turn ideas in … Read more

BATON ROUGE GUNEA | Leisure / Life

FRIDAY “SHREK THE MUSICAL JR.”: 6:30 p.m., Manship Theater, 100 Lafayette St. An Ascension Community Theater production. $ 18- $ 25. “WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN”: 6:45 p.m., Raising Cane’s River Center Arena. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs vs. For The Usos SmackDown Tag Team titles, plus Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair, Sheamus, Sasha Banks and … Read more

Oklahoma softball plays against Texas in the Women’s College World Series finals

Oklahoma won 3-1 against Texas this year, but has been one of three teams to beat runner-up Longhorns Sooners this season. Alonzo Adams / Associated Press OKLAHOMA CITY – The finals of the World Series of Women’s Universities will begin on Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. on ET ESPN. This is a classic example of David … Read more

Ari Fleischer’s Bad Publicity Tour continues with LIV Golf

As Ari is on the Fleischer College Football Playoff payroll, the team will never have to wait long for its next negative opinion. They have an advertising consultant who specializes in creating negative advertising. The opposite of what he would like. Fleischer’s appearance at the Saudi-sponsored LIV Golf Tour press conference as a moderator was … Read more

Cincinnati, Pitt directs hiring decisions for June College Football

The decision of the oral commitment, for those who follow the future of college football, is as banner as those college colors are before the sport. Over the weekend, there were strong calls from all methods of the sport, as high school recruitment, junior college talent and transfer portal opportunities each ended their individual recruitment … Read more

Women’s College World Series Preview: Oklahoma, Main Stories

1. The Sooners have been the winning team this year and start with a repeat offer from the Champions League against Northwestern, who break the record. Sarah Phipps / The Oklahoman / USA Today Network More than two weeks ago, 64 teams drilled tickets to the 2022 NCAA Softball Championships. The field has been adapted … Read more