UGA Aluna merges fashion and affordability with the embroidery business Art and Culture

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic shut down almost every aspect of Laura Floyd’s life. Today, a former student at the University of Georgia stopped working part-time in music halls during his schooling in Athens. Recovering his passion for embroidery, which he discovered in high school, Floyd used his free time to make embroidered clothes … Read more

How to manage your small business finances anywhere

opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the collaborators are their own. Modern small business owners live on mobile devices to stay connected while they travel between appointments and workplaces, or to register for personal time. Since you’re always on the go, it can be hard to find time to sit at a desk or in front of … Read more

Being agile and strategic helped this entrepreneur overcome business hurdles

Ginger Bowman Synergetic Media Synergistic media In October 2017, Ginger Bowman purchased a commercial print. Over the past five years, he has overcome three major challenges by flexing and pivoting. High concentration of customers. The industry was established in its own way. Pandemic. Some in the industry believed that Bowman would fail. But sometimes it … Read more

Black business owners under the age of 20 in the early lessons of success

Hiraman | E + | Getty Images According to Lazzeta Braxton, a financial planner and a trusted collaborator at CNBC, this is a great time for African Americans to start their own business. Braxton, co-founder and CEO of 2050 Wealth Partners, says aspiring young black entrepreneurs need to step out of their comfort zone, expand … Read more

Power, Politics, and Public Health: Florida’s Push and Pull Florida Trend Health Care – Florida Trend

Power, Politics, and Public Health: Push and Pull Florida The pandemic brought a focus on power, politics and public health in Florida, but did not start with COVID-19. In Florida, decisions about all sorts of infectious diseases and public health issues come from the state capital. Tallahassee calls for vaccinations and things like quarantine. Over … Read more

Entrepreneurs share the most important characteristics of a Business Coach

Many entrepreneurs attribute at least part of their success to being a great business coach. Someone who asks tough questions and can give their experience and network when needed. But finding a business coach is not easy. Your business and personal life are closely linked. There are many factors to consider when finding a productive … Read more

Behind the retirement savings? It can be a good time to invest in a bad market

Small business owners are among the Americans who will be left behind in saving for retirement. Reinvesting in a business is more often a priority for entrepreneurs with surplus money than investing in a long-term tax-delayed retirement plan. Covid did not help. In the midst of the pandemic, small business owners in America stopped or … Read more

“I only work 2 hours a day”

Like millions of Americans, I found myself out of work during the pandemic. Initially, I was fired from my job as a waiter. Then I started working as an online fitness trainer on my own, but starting a business required 10 hours of work and I was only earning $ 1,000 and $ 2,000 a … Read more

How this 29-year-old turned his side into a $ 1.5 million side business

In 2014, I had just graduated from college and thought I had planned my whole life: go to medical school, get a six-figure job as a doctor, and make my parents proud. That didn’t come out of nowhere. I realized that I hated blood and needles, and that I was rejected in more than 15 … Read more