Tourism in Lynchburg has risen after COVID hit hard | Local Business News

Tourism in the Lynchburg region appears to have been on the rise in the last two years of the coronavirus pandemic. Although Lynchburg has not yet received its official tourism numbers for 2021, Anna Bentson, assistant director of the Office of Economic Development and Tourism, was able to talk about how Hill City came out … Read more

A company that redesigns the health of patients and therapists

Mental well-being AdobeStock_404652271 640 With the dramatic decline in American mental health in recent years, the behavioral health space has matured into innovation. One of the cutting-edge companies before the pandemic started is SonderMind in Denver. He recently spoke with Mark Frank, founder and CEO of SonderMind, about how he plans to change the face … Read more

German Health Minister suggests stricter winter COVID rules | News | DW

The German Minister of Health on Friday recommended that Germans still wear masks in public places inside, although this will be voluntary for the time being. However, Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said the country should re-prepare for stricter coronavirus rules as the winter months approach. What exactly did he say? Lauterbach said the country will … Read more

How this Bay Area Boutique Beauty business has grown over the last decade

Beauty business AdobeStock_188005025 The boom in direct consumerism among the big box stores has outlets and indie traders working overtime to differentiate themselves in a constantly changing market. I spoke with CEO Dara Kennedy and founder of Ayla to better understand how boutique beauty retailers are growing today; An indie aesthetic with a loyal following … Read more

Increasing Child Abuse Causes Mental Health Illness, Suicide Risk | News

Harmful Childhood Experiences and Mental Health Disorders in Adulthood are “very closely related” to each other, according to Dr. Frank Maffei, Chair of Pediatrics at Geisinger. That’s why the rise in child abuse cases across the nation is so “worrying”. Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) can lead to behavioral health problems in children and adolescents, which … Read more

Mental health is now more important than ever to help someone scale the solution

Mental Health AdobeStock_301954199 Conversation about how people get mental health care has become a major concern today. As people seek new avenues for therapy beyond the traditional 1: 1 therapist and client model, the Real Mental Welfare Platform prides itself on being a tool that can bring meaningful practice to a broad demographic at a … Read more

Patients seek medical attention from their doctor, but their health plans are hampered

When a longtime patient visited Dr. William Sawyer’s office after recovering from covide, the conversation quickly shifted from coronavirus to anxiety and ADHD. Sawyer, who has been practicing family medicine in Cincinnati for more than three decades, said he spent 30 minutes asking questions about exercise and sleep habits, advice on breathing exercises, and writing … Read more

Research has shown that mental health changes in the adult European population during the COVID-19 pandemic

Danish scientists have assessed the impact of the 2019 (COVID-19) coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the mental health of older adults. The findings indicate that the risk of loneliness in the research population has increased slightly. However, the pandemic has seen a general reduction in the risk of depression and sleep problems. The study was published … Read more

A review of cannabis use in reproductive health, pregnancy, and fetal outcomes

a recent study published in the journal American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology the use of cannabis in reproductive health, pregnancy, and fetal outcomes was reviewed. Study: Impact of cannabinoids on pregnancy, reproductive health, and offspring. Image Credit: Yarygin / Shutterstock Background Cannabis, a federally illegal drug, is the most widely used drug in the … Read more

Five Common Mistakes (and How to Avoid) Dealing with a Small Business

Entrepreneurship is growing since the pandemic. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that in 2021, a staggering 5.4 million new business applications were submitted. This figure broke the previous record of $ 4.4 million set in 2020 when the COVID pandemic began. Happy business owner opens the door to a coffee shop wearing a … Read more