24 days until Packers Training Camp: Is the defense overflowing?

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – With Aaron Rodgers as quarterback, the Green Bay Packers defense has always played the second fiddle. Taken to the back seat. Be an ugly duckling. That’s not the case with the 2022 NFL season in the sky. Davante Adams ’out-of-season trade raised serious questions for the 49ers’ overflowing attack in the … Read more

The salaries of NFL coaches will soon explode

Smith: Mark J. Rebilas / USA TODAY Sports With a week left in NFL off-season programs … • It’s something I’ve been wanting to write about for a long time: a market correction can and should come for NFL coaches. I’ll take Sean Payton’s example here to give context. The Florida Sun-Sentinel He announced on … Read more

Jennifer Lopez at the Super Bowl Halftime Show: “This was the worst idea in the world”

1. The response to the 2020 Super Bowl show starring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira was a completely positive one, with the removal of people who were hurt by shaking their butts. However, one person who was not completely impressed with the break show before the game was J.Lo. In an upcoming Netflix documentary, Half the … Read more

Packers coach Matt LaFleur: ‘I Want Everybody’ at Voluntary OTAs

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin – “Control what you can control” is from Coachspeak 101. Green Bay Packers coach Matt LaFleur wants all of his players to participate in volunteer team activities. But that is something that cannot be controlled. As was the case last week, some of the major players were not present at the start … Read more

Tommy Pham has been slapped by Joc Pederson for his problem with fantasy football

1. Let me start pulling the cloth. Those of us in the content business love awesome stories. The more angry you are, the better. Tommy Pham, the red-haired player, is as horrible as a giant football cow hitting Jo Pederson’s slap on the butt. There were only two issues: 1) We don’t tolerate violence, and … Read more

Brian Murphy: NFL headlines applauded in May

If there’s an oxygen replacement molecule, be aware of it as an important element of everyone’s news feed for consumption, packaging, and promotion with the National Football League, at any time or any time of the year. You don’t enlighten the way to become a $ 25 billion industry without burning retinas and monopolizing attention … Read more

Colin Kaepernicken Raiders Training: The public reaction is everything

When Ravens briefly embraced the idea of ​​bringing in Colin Kaepernick in 2017, the collective outrage of concerned citizens and fans — along with people just throwing dry leaves into a roar of fire — was so significant that the group released statements from both of them. CEO and team president. Ravens admitted that the … Read more