How blogs can help small businesses grow

opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the collaborators are their own. Research shows that 20% of start-ups close their first year. Companies that survive in that first year find it difficult to move forward, and 65% close in 10 years. One of the main reasons mentioned was poor marketing. With few resources, it can be a challenge … Read more

Penn State fights David Taylor to join sports memorabilia company to release 2 bobbleheads | Penn State Wrestling News

One of the most iconic memorabilia in the sports world is the bobblehead. There’s a charm to the oversized head that can be set in motion with a bang, making it basic as a collection. Fans can get a seemingly infinite head of players in every sport; it doesn’t matter if it’s NFL or WWE. … Read more

5 steps to create a real social media presence for your business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the collaborators are their own. When it comes to social media marketing, authenticity is key, but caring for an authentic brand identity that will help you stand out online can help you build trust and gain visibility on social media platforms can be quite a challenge. From selecting the right platforms … Read more

Use technology to drive your consumer-centric strategy

Hoag’s digital director, Kathy Azeez-Narain, explained how the health system developed an app to strengthen relationships with its consumers and keep them connected to their health. Today’s healthcare consumer is more tech-savvy and connected than ever before. They want to be involved in how their care is delivered. They want more than just a transactional … Read more

20Fathoms, Michigan Tech Partner to Advance Technology Entrepreneurship | Business

TRAVERSE CITY – Michigan Tech University and Traverse City are more than 360 miles apart by road and Mackinac Bridge. A new program between 20Fathoms and Upper Peninsula University aims to bridge the gap between the two. Earlier in the year, an agreement was reached to conduct research on campus, helping to turn ideas in … Read more

Biz Bits: Vista Outdoor split explained | Business

Lewiston’s home Speer brand deserved praise from the man who will oversee Vista at the New York Stock Exchange when it distributes Vista Outdoor. “NYPD, we have all the business with Speer,” said Jason Vanderbrink, president of Vista Sporting Products. “Law enforcement is certainly the primary provider of law enforcement and Speer Gold Dot is … Read more

5 Tips to Market Your Real Estate Business and Get More Customers

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the collaborators are their own. Sarasota and Naples, Florida, to Hilton Head, South Carolina; South Hampton, New York; Austin, Texas; Prescott, Arizona; San Luis Obispo, California; and in many other cities, the luxury real estate market is growing. Perfect sunset images, white beaches and wide-open attractions attract top-notch buyers to the … Read more

4 Reasons Why Your Business Should Outsource Blog Writing

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the collaborators are their own. It’s important to maintain a certain level of specialization in everything you do, and when it comes to marketing and business, you need to have tremendous experience and expertise in order to stand a chance against competitors in your field. This article is a guide to … Read more

The new opportunities that virtual events bring to businesses

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the collaborators are their own. The virtual events industry exploded in a pandemic. Like food distribution and home exercise equipment, sudden reductions pushed for an unprecedented need for first-person encounters to keep online meetings always organized. But as the locks were unlocked, the businesses gradually returned to the places where they … Read more

4 steps to a data-driven business

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the collaborators are their own. Businesses are looking for data analytics to help them make better decisions, and those that aren’t are fast-paced. You’ve seen the latest headlines from some of the world’s biggest brands losing steam: Peloton, Netflix and Zoom, to name a few. Last year they were all consumer … Read more