The FDA goes after nicotine

The FDA this week launched a crackdown on smoking and smoking: ordering the Juul vaping device to be taken off the market and manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco products appearing to demand a reduction in nicotine levels. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court did not rule on a high-stakes abortion case, but said it could limit … Read more

Sheridan Memorial Hospital Trust Seeks to Relieve the Hospital’s Behavioral Health Burden with Crisis Stabilization Facilities, Transportation Vehicle Approvals | Local News

SHERIDAN – At a meeting Wednesday, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Trust took action to support efforts to increase care and service capacity for hospital behavioral health patients by awarding grants for the American Rescue Plan Act for behavioral health facilities and a vehicle for inadvertent transportation. arrested patients. “[There] There is a great need in … Read more

UAB Magic City Reflects First Month of Pride in LGBTQ Health Studies Endowed Professors in the Deep South – News

In honor of Pride Month, Sarah MacCarthy, Sc.D., Senior Professor of Endowed Magic City LGBTQ Health Studies, reflects on the continuing need for health equity in LGBTQ communities, why LGBTQ health care is good for everyone, and its goals for the future. . Writer: Maria White Media Contact: Hannah Echols Sarah MacCarthy, Sc.D., UAB’s first … Read more

The legislature takes insurance companies and personalizes them about their health

Scott Wiener made a startling revelation at a hearing in the spring legislative committee: “I was in the hospital. I was experiencing the most severe abdominal pain I could have imagined.” The Democratic state senator recalled that last July he had crawled up the stairs to his landlord’s home to go to the hospital. The … Read more

Patients seek medical attention from their doctor, but their health plans are hampered

When a longtime patient visited Dr. William Sawyer’s office after recovering from covide, the conversation quickly shifted from coronavirus to anxiety and ADHD. Sawyer, who has been practicing family medicine in Cincinnati for more than three decades, said he spent 30 minutes asking questions about exercise and sleep habits, advice on breathing exercises, and writing … Read more

Why 2 health systems chose AWS as their cloud vendor

Healthcare has historically lagged behind other industries in terms of technology modernization, but some of the largest healthcare systems in the country are finally moving into the cloud. Technology giants compete to be the leading cloud vendors in healthcare, it is essential that hospital managers reviewing these technologies take into account the special needs of … Read more

The use of e-cigarettes in 2018 is linked to $ 15 billion in health care spending

In 2018, the annual health expenditure attributed to the use of electronic cigarettes was $ 15.1 trillion or $ 2024 per person, according to the researchers. The use of e-cigarettes as an adult is associated with significantly increased health care use and increased costs over time, according to a published study. Tobacco Control found. Since … Read more

AT Still University aims to meet the need for community health care Chamber Focus | education

AT Still University is nearing the end of its first-year medical assistant degree in 2023, and they are excited to bring a team of community-based health professionals to local communities. Learn more about the mission and impact of the Santa Maria AT Still University campus with staff and students with this video produced in collaboration … Read more