AI is the secret for companies to reduce carbon emissions and costs at the same time

Philip Ashton is the CEO and founder of 7bridges, an AI-driven logistics platform that helps companies become more sustainable. It explains here how companies can balance sustainability and trade goals using the ‘Green Ratio’, and how the supply chain is one of the biggest contributions to our carbon footprint. Climate-conscious consumer pressures and zero deadlines … Read more

Walgreens (WBA) earnings for the 2022 quarter

The Walgreens Boots Alliance said Thursday that its quarterly sales were down and profits were due to a drop in Covid-19 vaccine demand due to large investments in its health service and an opioid settlement with Florida. Shares fell about 4% in morning trading. The pharmaceutical chain maintained its year-over-year forecast, saying that adjusted earnings … Read more

The Klondike ice cream bar is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year

This is Klondike’s most iconic ice cream bar, which is meeting an important milestone this year: at 100 years old, Klondike is still strong in the nation’s largest supermarket sections and frozen candy sections for mom and pop retailers. In fact, 98 million of the best-selling Klondike products – that square vanilla bar – were … Read more

Lash a go-go: eye-opening beauty services Business

Amy Connolly and Carrie LaPenta Lash do a go-go in Fountain Hills, but Connolly is only allowed to provide shake services. “We don’t want Carrie to make shakes,” Connolly says. “We’ve been joking about teaching him to do mine, but I don’t trust him.” Before getting into business together, Connolly and LaPenta have been best … Read more

John Walter has been named Director General of the Food Allergy Science Initiative Business

CAMBRIDGE, Mass .– (BUSINESS WIRE) – June 24, 2022– The Food Allergy Science Initiative (FASI) has today named veteran health research leader John Walter as the organization’s director general for food allergy research. Walter has served as CEO of FASI since January this year. This press release provides multimedia. See the full note here: … Read more

The outbreak of Monkeypox is spreading mainly through sex, according to WHO officials

Pavlo Gonchar | Rocket | Getty Images The outbreak of the monkey virus in North America and Europe is spreading mainly through sex among men, with at least 200 cases confirmed and suspected in at least a dozen countries, World Health Organization officials said on Monday. The outbreak has been rapidly advancing in Europe and … Read more

Neighbors say China used a health tracker to control the crowd

TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) – Anxious bank customer who traveled to a central Chinese city to recover savings from troubled rural banks has been stopped by a mobile phone health app. Chinese residents must have a health app that displays a code indicating their health status, including the possible impact of COVID-19. A green code is … Read more