Walgreens (WBA) earnings for the 2022 quarter

The Walgreens Boots Alliance said Thursday that its quarterly sales were down and profits were due to a drop in Covid-19 vaccine demand due to large investments in its health service and an opioid settlement with Florida. Shares fell about 4% in morning trading. The pharmaceutical chain maintained its year-over-year forecast, saying that adjusted earnings … Read more

6 key financial steps to take after a release

Half Point Images Moment | Getty Images 1. Make a financial inventory One of the first things to do if you lose your job is to take stock of the financial resources available to you, according to financial advisors. These can include other income, such as a partner’s salary, as well as emergency savings, company … Read more

Roe v. Supreme Court. Wade’s decision could affect health insurance coverage

Golero | E + | Getty Images Roe v. When Wade was in force and women had the legal right to abortion wherever they lived in the U.S., the procedure’s health insurance coverage was limited. Many states limit what plans they can cover, and a decade-long national law prohibits the use of federal abortion funds, … Read more

How your business can cope with labor shortages

opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the collaborators are their own. Most believed that the “Great Resignation” and the labor crisis would be a temporary issue. But not only is the situation recovering, it is getting worse. Although 428,000 jobs were added in May 2022, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, labor force participation fell to … Read more

UKHSA detects polio virus in London’s sewage, national incident says

Health authorities in the UK have said they are “urgently” investigating the discovery of a rare poliovirus in London’s sewage samples. Image Alliance | Getty Images Health authorities in the UK have said they are urgently investigating the discovery of a rare polio virus in London’s sewage samples, which is likely to endanger Britain’s polio-free … Read more

The outbreak of Monkeypox is spreading mainly through sex, according to WHO officials

Pavlo Gonchar | Rocket | Getty Images The outbreak of the monkey virus in North America and Europe is spreading mainly through sex among men, with at least 200 cases confirmed and suspected in at least a dozen countries, World Health Organization officials said on Monday. The outbreak has been rapidly advancing in Europe and … Read more

Black business owners under the age of 20 in the early lessons of success

Hiraman | E + | Getty Images According to Lazzeta Braxton, a financial planner and a trusted collaborator at CNBC, this is a great time for African Americans to start their own business. Braxton, co-founder and CEO of 2050 Wealth Partners, says aspiring young black entrepreneurs need to step out of their comfort zone, expand … Read more

Large landowners move into housing as demand for single-family rentals rises

Jake and Stephanie Murphy are moving into a new single-family rental home built by American Homes 4 Rent. Diana Olick | CNBC Real Estate Reporter As demand for single-family rental housing rises, large landlords are jumping into the home-building business to help drop supplies. The push is coming because more Americans have the flexibility to … Read more

More Asian countries are joining the trend

A quantum computer in a building without vibration. Quantum computing will ultimately accelerate the computing power that drives many industries and can affect everything from drug discovery to how data is secured. Oliver Berg | Image Alliance | Getty Images Quantum computing was already picking up pace in Japan and other parts of Asia when … Read more