Bristol Women’s Health Clinic wants to move to Virginia while abortion ban in Tennessee arrives | WJHL

Bristol, Tennessee / Va. (WJHL) – The only abortion clinic in the Tri-Cities region wants to cross the state border to continue offering its services. After the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that states are free to impose restrictions on their abortion, a ban on abortion in Tennessee would stop The Bristol Regional Women’s Center … Read more

Roe v. Supreme Court. Wade’s decision could affect health insurance coverage

Golero | E + | Getty Images Roe v. When Wade was in force and women had the legal right to abortion wherever they lived in the U.S., the procedure’s health insurance coverage was limited. Many states limit what plans they can cover, and a decade-long national law prohibits the use of federal abortion funds, … Read more

‘Abortion is health care’, activists have rallied in support of abortion rights at Memorial Park

Demonstrators gathered in Memorial Park, still feeling disappointed with the Supreme Court in Roe v. Wade voted in favor a few days later. The Supreme Court’s decision ends with a nearly 50-year precedent for abortion rights. Now its legality is in the hands of the states. . Eight states have already banned the practice. Nebraska … Read more

The FDA goes after nicotine

The FDA this week launched a crackdown on smoking and smoking: ordering the Juul vaping device to be taken off the market and manufacturers of cigarettes and other tobacco products appearing to demand a reduction in nicotine levels. Meanwhile, the Supreme Court did not rule on a high-stakes abortion case, but said it could limit … Read more

The doctor appointed in the case of the abortion has nothing to do with the case

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Dr. Thomas Dobbs has never been involved in political struggles over reproductive health, but his name has become a summary of a legal issue that could end abortion rights in the U.S. If he has feelings about the situation, he almost keeps them to himself. Mississippi Chief Public Health Officer Dobbs … Read more

KHN’s ‘What Health?’: A very sad week (the other).

A mass shooting of Texas primary school students this week (just 10 days after a racially motivated shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York) has sparked a gun debate in Washington, DC and across the country. But political disagreements over weapons and their proper role in American society are as irreconcilable as ever. … Read more

Oklahoma floods Kansas abortion clinic, provider says: “Public Health Crisis” | Government and politics

OKLAHOMA CITY – An abortion clinic in Kansas is seeing patients from Oklahoma and Texas in particular, as a result of bans in every state that outlaws almost all six weeks of pregnancy. Click here to read the story on Require a subscription. Gallery: Oklahoma abortion legislation over the years Senate Bill 139: 2007 … Read more