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On the heels of the success of The Surf Lodge, Brazilian-born businessman and founder Jayma Cardoso, Montauk, premiered an Aspen booth at the famous Montauk destination, aptly titled The Snow Lodge, for the 2019 holiday season.

Now, focusing on the success of The Snow Lodge, it initially opened at the foot of Mount Aspen and before the 2021-22 ski season in St. Louis. Relocated to Regis, Cardoso launches his latest business, The Summer Lodge.

As in winter St. Located in the Regis courtyard and in the same space as the interior, Summer Lodge will offer a series of live music, a wellness component and dining, highlighting the first brunch menu. Cardoso signed a five-year lease with St. With Regis Aspen, the majority of hotel owner Stephane De Baets said this week.

“We are excited. We are ready. I want to do even more in Aspen, ”Cardoso said Tuesday by phone from his New York headquarters.

Cardoso has revealed that he is not only looking for a second place, but that he is “seriously thinking” of moving to Aspen full-time.

“I think Aspen has so many opportunities to do amazing projects. We’re trying to expand and we want to do more, ”Cardoso said, and she’s limited in what she can achieve from a distance, no less as a full-time mom.

Traveling back and forth from New York, including many red-eyed flights, while running her own business and being the mother of her 7-year-old son is “very hard, it hurts your body,” she said.

Since spending more time in Aspen, Cardoso has said he is in love with the community, which he attributes much of his success to The Snow Lodge.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s very exciting, but at the same time it’s a bit stressful,” Cardoso said, adding a third concept to his brand. “But I have to say that the local team that we worked with in the winter has made a big difference. I feel very lucky to have found great people who embraced us on earth and trusted us. ”

Cardoso was particularly recognized for his leadership of Mladen Todorovic, a local restaurant industry that has now been run by The Summer Lodge for more than a decade. Todorovic is well known in Aspen for being the face of the well-known (and now defunct) association Over Easy Breakfast, which he owned and operated for several years. After doing other restaurant activities, including opening and selling at Roosters Carbondal, Todorovic worked as a waitress at The Snow Lodge last winter.

When Cardoso became engaged to The Summer Lodge, he hired Todorovic to become general manager.

“Being on the ground and being integrated makes a big difference compared to hiring outsiders,” Cardoso said. “If we didn’t have this complete team, [The Summer Lodge] It would be really challenging. ”

For his part, Todorovic is excited to return to Aspen, specifically focusing on his favorite food group and strengthening the brand’s commitment to the local community.

“Brunch was really Jayma’s idea, and I was very excited,” Todorovic said. Every weekend from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the lunch will feature a “elaborate” seafood tower, a custom tortilla station, more common pasta and breakfast, he said. Buffet-style lunch, along with an optional libation, is offered to local residents for $ 75. “An endless number of crabs, shrimps, oysters [for $75]? Literally unheard, “Todorovic said.

“We would like it to be a place where more locals will come and not just tourists,” he added. “Actually, that’s why I’m here.”

Summer Lodge is also partnering with local fitness studios, including CycleBar, Higher Terrain and O2 Aspen, to take classes in the yard every Saturday morning. Classes are open to anyone; Admission is $ 40 and is free for hotel guests. For Pride Month, 100% of the proceeds from tomorrow’s CycleBar classes (9am and 10am) will benefit AspenOUT, an LGBTQ + non-profit organization that produces Gay Ski Week.

As a person who aims to meditate for 20 minutes every morning, Cardoso hopes to expand the topic of well-being over time, stating that “this is something that is very important to me and our brand.”

But at the heart of the brand — and like Cardoso in the role of his creative director, who shines — is live music.

Snow Lodge, in collaboration with Belly Up, has brought big names to the town, including The Chainsmokers, Bob Moses, Sofi Tukker, Lukas Nelson, Thomas Jack, Diplo, Elderbrook, Noah Cyrus, James Murphy, Blondish, Paris. Jackson, DJ Cassidy and Jake Wesley Rogers.

While Cardoso is ending the series and expects the full lineup to be released next week, the events that have been confirmed so far include Shaus, Mojave Gray, Poolside and DJ Ayokay, who performed at the inn last night and are scheduled to return in July.

“I really believe that when you have a successful formula you build from there,” De Baets said of his partnership with Cardoso. “We tested the winter partnership, it really worked, and we’re excited to work with Jayma and her team this summer.”

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