With the Pirates of the Caribbean Dangerous High-Wire Acrobatics Act of Colombia,

Racing Pigs Jurassic Kingdom Live Dinosaur Experience, Magic and

More! Join Fun from June 23 to July 10 at Metlife Stadium

East Rutherford, NJ– If you’re looking for a family summer getaway, look no further than the State Fair Meadowlands. The 2022 lineup offers a whole new adventure with a unique combination of experiences that you can play anywhere and you can’t get anywhere else. Audiences of all ages will enjoy magic, dinosaurs, racing pigs and more! The fair will be held at MetLife Stadium from June 23 to July 10. Parking is free, and the attractions below are FREE with admission to the fair.

State Fair Meadowlands overview

This year’s poster is attractive to all:

Cycle Circus Live FMX is a favorite freestyle show. I’m sure you’ll be amazed by the brave people at Cycle Circus. The show is full of dangerous stunts, music and lighting.

Pirates of the Caribbean of Colombia it’s a thriller you don’t want to miss! These are just plain ordinary pirates. Watch the good and evil Pirates drama unfold on a half-inch steel cable with the rest of the fair’s pirate ships, acrobats, and the mythical Wheel of Death.

Ever wanted to see a real dinosaur? Jurassic Kingdom Live cover you up! Experiment and interact with living dinosaurs.

Fall into a trance of fun Steve Bayner Hypnotist show! You’ll be invited to the stage, or see others mesmerized and witness the magic!

Rosaire’s Royal RacersPig races I’m sure you’ll be excited. See and find out who is the fastest pig in the team and bet which pig you think will win.

Lance Gifford & Co. it brings magic with its hilarious hilarious show. Get ready to be amazed by her disappearing actions, hypnosis creations and more.

Chainsaw Art With Nick Smith I’m sure your creative head will explode. See him with a chainsaw while he demonstrates his skills in wood carving demonstrations.

Illusionist Josh Knotts it will hold you to the edge of your seat. You don’t want to miss out on his skillful escape actions and amazing excitement.

Big Bee- Robot Transformer it’s a real-life transformer, just like in the movie. Be fascinated by what looks like a normal functioning car that will turn into a 15 meter tall robot.

Artie Miller he is a world-class performer who brings the “art” of magic to life! You won’t believe your eyes as long as it takes its audience in at all times.


Colombian Pirates Act of Colombia

The fair will also offer games, food and fun rides for all ages. Kids will be able to enjoy the attractions of Kiddie Land with rides like Mini Tea Cups, Double Carousel, Monkey Maze and more. The Spectacular Thrill Ride section is not for the faint of heart. Experience the thrills of screaming with popular rides including Fireball, Starship 3000 and Free Fall.

State Fair Meadowlands is 18 days of fun. The fair will be open on June 23 (opening night) from 18:00 to 12:00, on weekdays from 18:00 to 12:00, on Fridays from 18:00 to 01:00 and on Saturdays and Sundays from 14:00 to 12:00. an hour and a half before the park closes. Parking is free on all days of the fair. Tickets must be purchased in advance online Price information can be found at


The State Fair Group is committed to providing the best value for family leisure. Founded in 1921 as a family-owned business, the State Fair Group has values ​​that have been maintained as the fourth generation enters the family business. Our family and our management team share a vision to provide the highest quality services and products while maintaining traditional values ​​and integrity, including a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of the Fair.

As the largest single-family event in Jersey, we strive to provide a thriving environment for innovation and creativity. The State Fair Meadowlands is a place where families can enjoy quality walks, plenty of free entertainment, exciting games and prizes, and a wide and varied selection of delicious food. There are a variety of activities of interest to all ages. Careful planning and the efforts of all involved, to develop and promote the Fair as a place for families to enjoy an exciting and affordable day of special activities, is always our mission.

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