Sky Sports Ultimate League 2021/22: The real attitude of each club over the last 50 years has been revealed Football News

What is the biggest club on earth? Which groups are punching above their weight and which historical powers are being weakened at lower levels? This year’s Ultimate League has arrived …

The Ultimate League takes into account the average league position of each club over the last 50 years and includes all the clubs that have been in the top four in England for at least 10 seasons.

Liverpool remain the top club in England with a significant average of 3.3 over the last half century, and Manchester United have narrowly eliminated Arsenal from second place.

Tottenham have made it to the top four in the middle of the century, beating the Gunners by rivals in north London – unlike last season’s Premier League standings, Antonio Conte’s side have finished last in the Champions League.

Everton last won the English Premier League title in 1987

During Everton’s ongoing presence, which was under threat of relegation this season, in addition to the title campaign in the early 70s and mid-80s, Toffees puts them in fifth place.

Chelsea and current champions Manchester City have been very successful in recent years, with the team rising to sixth and eighth place, respectively. In fact, City entered the third tier 24 years ago.

Aston Villa is above the dominance of Pep Guardiola, although he only managed to rise to the top level after three seasons in the Championship.

Meanwhile, the current West Ham, Newcastle, Southampton, Leeds and Leicester teams also live at the highest levels of England, depending on the historic success of their league.

There are a number of top 20 clubs in England, including Middlesbrough, Nottingham Forest, West Brom, Ipswich and QPR, as well as the newly relegated Norwich and Derby – who have been relegated to the Premier League after being beaten by 21. point subtraction in this term.

Wayne Rooney derby manager
Wayne Rooney’s Derby didn’t prevent a relegation to the Good League after a 21-point draw.

Ipswich, Derby, West Brom, Middlesbrough, QPR and Everton are among the top 20 underdogs, all between 37 and 11 places below their historical average.

Highest performance below

Oldham are the biggest successes in England, with 45 places below their 50-year average, after being relegated from the Football League for the first time in 115 years, followed by Notts County (-44) – one of the original founding members of the league. 1888.

However, he will face County Grimsby on Monday in the National League playoffs in an effort to rejoin the Football League after being relegated to the fifth division two years ago.

Oldham last appeared in the top division of England in 1994, when he reached the FA Cup finals.
Oldham last appeared in the English Premier League in 1994, when they reached the FA Cup finals.

In addition to Grimsby (-32), Southend (-38) and York (-34) were also left out of the top four and are not very successful based on their historical level, but Sunderland (-28) and League One qualifiers won. Charlton (-26) is also among the highest levels.

These include Chesterfield (-27), Bradford City (-25), Walsall (-24), Swindon (-22), Bolton and Barnet (both -21).


Overcome the biggest ones

In contrast, Accrington ranks 38th above the 50-year average, surpassing Wycombe (+35), Burton (+33), Fleetwood (+32) and Cheltenham (+31) in their historical rankings.

The current Accrington Stanley was formed in 1968, two years after the original team that played in the Football League from 1921 to 1962 fell.
The current Accrington Stanley was formed in 1968, two years after the original team that played in the Football League from 1921 to 1962 fell.

Premier League side Brentford (+37), Brighton (+29), Bournemouth (+27), Burnley relegation (+17) and Wolves (+14) are among the top teams in England due to their recent success.

Other notable achievements include Fulham (+12) after Cottagers were promoted to the top tier this season and Crystal Palace (+11) – which had a Renaissance campaign to finish 12th in the Premier League under Patrick Vieira.


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