Serena Williams will return to the main competition

With 34 minutes left in Wimbledon’s first round, Serena Williams beat Aliaksandra Sasnovich 3-1. Despite the hard tape on his right thigh, Williams looked good. It was accurate. He was strong. There was hope.

And then, just like that, he gave in to his submission. The pain and tears quickly wiped off his face.

“Break your heart,” Williams would say.

At the age of 39 and without a major tournament for more than four years full of injuries, it was fair to ask if that was the end of it.

Serena, once the wonderful little sister of Venus, whose family rewrote almost everything about women’s tennis, would she finally retire from competitive tennis with her 23 major tournaments, with less than 24 records at Margaret Court?

Was this the end of a difficult race that began on the shallow asphalt of East Rancho Dominguez Park – which his father, Richard, called the “Compton Hills Country Club” – to the pinnacle of one of the oldest and most elite sports in the world?

Subsequent sitting in the US, Australian and French Open, speculation intensified.

Well, no, it’s not over. At least not yet.

On Tuesday, Serena announced via Instagram that she would return to Wimbledon this summer, with a wildcard exception.

At 40, Williams will take another turn. Maybe one last time. Maybe not.

Either way, she’s there to be defeated and if Serena ever gives her a cloth, let alone tie it up, or end up breaking Court’s mark, it probably will be now or never.

Williams has not won a major since the 2017 Australian Open, where, at the age of 35, she became the oldest woman to perform a feat. Since then, she has become a mother and has struggled with age, continuing to age as young players come along.

However, it’s the grass at Wimbledon, and then the tough New York court, which has done its best lately. He reached both the 2018 and 2019 championships and the U.S. finals in 2020. (COVID eliminated Wimbledon in 2020). Getting so far was awesome. It was very competitive.

Serena Williams won against Venus Williams at the 2017 Australian Open. This is his last big win so far. (Via Peter Parks / AFP Getty Images)

These are his best events, though. In his career, he has won seven times at Wimbledon and the US Open. This includes a historic victory at the age of 17 at the US Open, which ushered in a new era of sport. That was almost 23 years ago.

For Serena, this is a win-win. He doesn’t need money. He certainly doesn’t need more fame. As long as his legacy is forever great, if not the greatest, he is safe. What is being persecuted is internal.

The length of his career is probably the best ever. Steffi Graf had a better race, winning 21 of his 22 majors in 10 years between 1987 and 1996, but the German star also retired at the age of 30. for all women athletes.

And although Court is the most dominant, 11 of them came to Australia in their hometown between 1960-71, when many of the best players did not bother to compete in Melbourne. The depth of the sport’s talent is also not comparable.

Can Serena get one more race? Any cold, calculating analysis suggests that it is difficult. Inactivity has dropped to 1,208 in the world rankings, hence the need for a wildcard. No one has seen him in a competitive environment because he couldn’t last a set at Wimbledon. He was not rejuvenated at the time.

However, this is Serena and no one has ever made sense of it. In Compton, California, his long-dreamed father was educated as a child, for a long time, his sister Williams, his younger sister Williams, was what coaches had to work on to train Venus. he has won seven majors.

However, it was Serena who broke and won the family’s first dominance with this US Open. And it is Serena who pushed her after Venus and who lasted longer than almost everyone else.

He won the first one against the great Martina Hingis, who was only a year old, but in 1999 he stopped winning the majors. The current No. 1 in the world, Iga Swiat, was not born until 2001.

Serena will enter the Eastbourne International Championships this weekend, on the grass court, tidying up the England-based, what she still has to offer and whether she is healthy to survive the seven-match day, two. – main week.

In any case, Serena should be back at Wimbledon, back in tennis, close to everyone else (and) after trying and trying for a long time. That’s all there is to it.

Is there one more in it? Bi?

Anything is possible. That has always been his story.

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