RST Solutions Dust Control Technology Reduces the Impact of Major Road Works on Residents and the Environment

RST Solutions ’landfill Total Soil Control is being applied to a trench to reduce dust and erosion on major road works.

RST Solutions landfill is reducing Total Ground Control dust and erosion on major road works

RST Solutions ’advanced soil binder Full Soil Control is applied to dust and erosion reduction faults and embankments.

RST Solutions landfill is reducing Total Ground Control dust and erosion on major road works

RST Solutions’ Advanced Soil Binder Controls Dust and Erosion on Major Total Ground Control Road Works

Major road renovation work in Australia uses RST Solutions ’dust and wear control technologies to comply with environmental regulations and save on operating costs.

This treatment speeds up the construction, reduces maintenance and repairs after the rain, and prevents dust from settling in nearby homes. ”

– RST Solutions Business Development Director Mark Farmer

GOLD COAST, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, 23 May 2022 / – A civil engineering company involved in major road renovations is using high-performance dust removal and erosion control technologies to reduce those developed by RST Solutions fine particle specialists. the impact of road works on local residents and the environment.

RST Solutions ’advanced technology is being used by Total Ground Control at SMA Infrastructure for a major road dust removal and erosion control site and is meeting the highest standard, especially in major weather events, saving SMA time and money in maintenance and repairs. .

Total Ground Control is a soil agglutinator for stabilizing spray applied mixtures, controlling erosion protection against wind and rain, and removing dust, which is essential in the urban environment.

Mark Farmer, RST Solutions Business Development Manager, has worked with SMA Infrastructure to supply advanced products to help the company comply with strict regulations.

“The SMA has taken great care to overcome the common problems of the community caused by road works,” Mr. Farmer said.

“The company is committed to dust and wear control activities, which is a great focus for the community and our products have been instrumental in bonding the material exposed in the workplace to protect it from wear and dust.”

“This treatment speeds up construction after rain and reduces maintenance and repair work and prevents dust from settling on adjacent properties.”

Jason Haslett, SMA’s Environmental Infrastructure Manager, said RST’s Total Ground Control product was working very well in a variety of situations, greatly reducing the potential for dust and erosion, and it performed particularly well during the last extreme rainfall.

“RST’s high quality products and customer support have helped make our work less impactful on the community and the environment, which results in less recovery work for our construction teams,” Mr. Haslett said.

“Considering the amount and intensity of recent rainfall, RST Solutions’ Total Ground Control soil binder product, which we used to control erosion, has worked very well so far.”

“We applied RST’s Total Ground Control last December to this major infrastructure project, which has received 1,221.4 mm (1.22 meters) of rain since then and continues to function well.”

“It was quite unbelievable that no major repairs were required as the project received 565.6 mm in about 48 hours after the extreme rains. This is largely due to the type of soil agglutinator we have used, using the appropriate dosage levels and the most appropriate application methods. ”

“We applied Tobacco Land Control to eggs, embankments and other disturbed sites under the guidance of RST in terms of the concentrations required for the various assets and the best methods of application.

“Because RST has helped us manage unexpected changes in construction and weather patterns and adapt our concentration to different types of materials and forms of infrastructure, RST has helped us save significant costs.”

Total Ground Control is a unique polymer-emulsion soil binder developed by RST Solutions as a long-term sheet agent for all non-traffic applications. Diluted in water at different concentrations depending on the materials and area of ​​application, Total Ground Control is sprayed directly on the open ground material for long-term control of dust and wear.

Total Ground Control is very effective in withstanding wind and many applications in the agricultural industry have proven that the soil binder is safe to grow, spray directly on plants and trees.

Therefore, Total Soil Control can also be applied with seed and planting programs to tie the seed bed and hold the roots against the negative effects of rain and wind.

RST Solutions specializes in solving complex dust and wear problems worldwide for a variety of infrastructure projects with customized solutions tailored to a variety of factors, such as the materials being used, the processes involved, local weather patterns, temperatures and soil topography.

Considering the application equipment and systems of a site, as well as the construction process, RST Solutions develops advanced technologies adapted to solve specific sites affected by all types of fine particulate matter, from dust to mud, from silt to sediment.

This specialization comes from 28 years of experience in developing solutions to the wide range of fine particle challenges presented by many types of industries, processes and materials.

RST Solutions is an Australian-based business with international presence and projects in the United States, China, India, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Panama, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and New Papua. Guinea, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Croatia, Lithuania and Mongolia.

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