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St. Edmond Catholic School’s green-clad graduates entered a gym full of family and friends as each step brought them closer to a new future after high school.

And as they walked around the gym and on stage, in the not-too-distant future, they will rise, according to Drew Szalat, a member of the 2022 Class who spoke at the opening ceremony.

“In the years to come, we will all spread our wings and move on to new things,” he said.

He acknowledged that the opportunity for new high school graduates to make their way around the world is daunting.

“If you’re like me, you’re terrified,” Szalat told his classmates.

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Emma Alstott (right) lets her cousin Maui Luhring, 5, look at her laces after starting St. Edmond on Sunday evening.

He assured his classmates that the steadfastness and humility that helped them earn their diplomas would help them again in the future. He added that the members of the attached class will always be there to support each other.

“We fought together, we grew together and we defeated together” said Szalat.

“I really believe that all the graduates sitting in front of me will change the world for the better.” he added.

2022 St. There are 45 members in the Edmond Class, 27 of whom are honorary graduates with an average grade of at least 3.25.

Graduates accepted more than half a million dollars in scholarships, including Mary Gibb St. According to the president of Edmond Catholic School.

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Elder Berry (left) and Kierstin Clark punched Ellie Berry (left) on Sunday during a St. Edmond opening ceremony inside the Gaels gym. St. Edmond Ellie Berry (left) and Kierstin Clark punch in a St. Edmond opening ceremony on Sunday at the Gaelsen Gym

He added that they earned 503 college credits while in high school.

Gibb used the word zeal to describe the 2022 class.

“Your class has brought a lot of energy and excitement to all aspects of this school year,” he said.

Gibb told the graduates that if they maintain that level of energy and enthusiasm, “You will be unstoppable.”

The commencement ceremony began when the graduates entered the St. Edmond Gymnasium. “Pump and Circumstance.”

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Mary Claire Li, of Fort Dodge, shakes up a photo of her son Joseph Li at a St. Edmond opening ceremony on Sunday at the Gael gym.

A 133rd Test Squadron colored guard, the Iowa Air National Guard unit in Fort Dodge, carried American and Iowa flags to the gym.

Rev. Brian Feller issued a summons and a blessing.

High school counselor Charlene Sanderson read out the names of graduates who have earned several honors in their high school years.

Principal Tabitha Acree stated that the graduates have met all the requirements to receive a diploma.

He challenged the graduates “Bring honor to yourself, St. Edmond’s Catholic School, and God.”

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Drew Szalat of St. Edmond gives a talk to the 2022 class on Sunday evening at the Gaels gym.

Barbara O’Connorrek, St. Edmond, president of the school board, presented all the diplomas. This lone diploma was awarded by Doug Smith to his son, Zach Smith.

At the end of the ceremony, Brady O’Brien went on stage for the last time to take his tassels to classmates from right to left. This movement is a traditional sign that a person has graduated.

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Doug Smith of Fort Dodge embraces his son Zach Smith after graduating from St. Edmond’s opening ceremony on Sunday evening.

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Joseph Lik reacts on Sunday evening after the opening ceremony of St. Edmond. St. Joseph Lik of Edmond reacts on Sunday after the opening ceremony of the Gaels

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St. Edmond graduates (left to right) Katy Adson, Kierstin Clark, Mya McClain, Marlo Lochray and Aly Neiland will be raffling off caps on Sunday after the opening ceremony of the Gaels.

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Emma Alstott (right) adjusts Grant Webster’s cap on Sunday evening ahead of the opening ceremony of the Gaels.

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