Ranking of the most valuable non-quarterback in the NFL

Thinking of the most valuable players NFL, the focus is usually on quarterbacks. However, there are plenty of players in other positions that teams simply can’t leave.

For example, a player like Travis Kelce comes to mind when looking at the value of his team, especially considering that the Kansas City Chiefs traded his main receiver, Tyreek Hill, to the Miami Dolphins.

But who else should make the list? Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho shared their non-quarterly picks.

Aaron Donald and Travis Kelce stand out as non-major QBs

Aaron Donald and Travis Kelce stand out as non-major QBs

Quarterbacks usually get the most attention in the NFL, but what about other positions? Marcellus Wiley and Emmanuel Acho share a list of their most valuable non-quarters.

Achor’s No. 5: Ja’Marr ChaseWR, Cincinnati Bengalak

Main statistics: In 2021, Chase played 17 games and made 81 receptions for 1,455 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Acho’s thoughts: “I chose Ja’Marr Chase because his team reached the Super Bowl, and he was the most valuable person outside his team’s quarterback. Remember, he had a 266-meter game and picked up more than 1,400 yards, a break. A record for a rookie.”

Wiley’s Number 5: Mark AndrewsTE, Baltimore Ravens

Main statistics: Last season, in 17 games, Andrews caught 107 balls in 1,361 yards and nine touchdowns.

Wiley’s Thoughts: “Who had the tightest yards to pick up last year? Who had the most catches last year? When does Lamar Jackson throw the ball when his eyes are closed? Mark Andrews is a beast, and he deserves it.”

Acho’s No. 4: Trent Williams, OT, San Francisco 49ers

Acho’s thoughts: “We know that Jimmy G fought, and we know that Deebo Samuel was the ball. Why did Deebo Samuel make the ball, and why was Jimmy G alive? To see this beast, this monster, this animal had a First Team All-Pro. Season.”

Wiley’s Number 4: Travis Kelce, TE, Kansas City Chiefs

Main statistics: In 16 games, Kelce had 92 catches for 1,125 yards and nine touchdowns.

Wiley’s Thoughts: “The reason Mark Mark Andrews is above is that there is no Cheetah now. When you lose a Cheetah, Kelce’s value goes up in this team.”

Achor’s No. 3: Aaron DonaldDT, Los Angeles Rams

Main statistics: Donald played 17 games for the Rams and recorded 12.5 sacks, 38 solo tackles and four RBIs.

Acho’s thoughts: “Ninety-eight sacks for his career, he won the Super Bowl, he had two sacks in the Super Bowl, all in all, and it looks like his team’s heartbeat.”

Wiley’s Number 3: Myles GarrettDE, Cleveland Browns

Main statistics: In 17 games, Garrett recorded 16.0 serve, 33 solo tackles and one volley.

Wiley’s Thoughts: “Myles Garrett is a monster in terms of what he does in front of him, and he always starts at the front. He doesn’t have any weaknesses on the corner, on the corner.

Achor’s No. 2: Trevon DiggsCB, Dallas Cowboys

Main statistics: Diggs, in 16 games, had 11 innings (the most since 1981) for a total of 142 yards and two touchdowns.

Acho’s thoughts: “The Cowboys’ defense isn’t good, but it’s the same, and so is the Parsons. he was “.

Wiley’s Number 2: TJ WattOLB, Pittsburgh Steelers

Main statistics: In 15 games, Watt had 22.5 serve, 48 solo tackles and five free throws.

Wiley’s Thoughts: “TJ Watt has led the NFL in the sack for the last two years. TJ Watt is the best in removing those quarterbacks in the last two years.”

Acho’s No. 1: Jonathan TaylorRB, Indianapolis Colts

Main statistics: In an entire season (17 games), Taylor threw the ball 332 times at 1,811 yards and 18 touchdowns at 5.5 yards per attempt.

Acho’s thoughts: “Eighteen hundred yards, eight straight games in 100 yards and a quick touch, an NFL record, he equaled that. More than anything, they were 9-1 when he ran over 100 yards.”

Wiley’s No. 1: Aaron Donald, DT, Los Angeles Rams

Wiley’s Thoughts: “How can he be the best player in the game and then not in first place in terms of non-quarter value? He should be Aaron Donald at No. 1.”

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