Outagamie County Airport, the health department staff is losing record

APPLETON – With pandemic stress and uncompetitive pay, Outagamie County is experiencing the highest turnover of its employees compared to the Great Resignation.

This year, 136 provincial staff have left their jobs, of which approximately 75%. That means, on average, one person a day leaves work, according to the region’s human resources department. If staff turnover continues at this rate, the region will be on the verge of losing 342 this year, said Justin Kluesner, Deputy Director of Human Resources.

The three main employers in the region facing the highest severity of staff are: Appleton International Airport with 22; Brewster Village Nursing Home with 48 and the Department of Health and Human Services with 39.

The COVID-19 pandemic affected many hospitals, nursing homes and many other health centers across the state. Outagamie County is no exception.

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