Novak Djokovic offers a compelling first-round show at the French Open

PARIS — Novak Djokovic won the first round match on Monday at the French Open. In other Paris news outlets, the Eiffel Tower attracted a tourist, a man went pfft, accompanied by a meal of wine, and the work of renovating Notre Dame continued. Now close to 40 to 30 – he turned 35 on Sunday – Djokovic is playing 67th Major in his golden career. The last time he lost in the first round was in the 2006 French Open. Djokovic has not lost in the quarter-finals since 2009.

This rainy afternoon, Djokovic was forced to play under the roof in Court Chatrier. It doesn’t matter. He was in his Djokovic-est. He hit his sake spots. He came back with precision. He turned the defense into an attack. And he did a good job of beating his opponent, Japanese Yoshi Nishioka, 6-3, 6-1, 6-0. The French do not have a perfect direct translation of “business as usual.” This, however, was the case.


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