NFL 2022 Return Candidates: Allen Robinson Titled Five Veterans Who May Experience Recovery

Grizzled veterans return to their former star form – not often, but when it does, it’s a big boost for any team. Are players ready to bounce around in a big way this coming season in the hard and relatively unproductive seasons of 2021?

Before I begin, I have not included any injured or mostly injured players in 2021.

Christian McCaffrey, Khalil Mack, Za’Darius Smith – and others severely injured last year – were not included. Okay, let’s get to my list.

Robinson played 12 games a season ago. Three were lost due to a hamstring injury, two from COVID-19, but the break for Robinson could be a good one due to years of fatigue with a bad quarterback. ARob made 100 catches and more than 1,200 yards with Mitchell Trubisky in 2020 – a small miracle – but the combination of rookie Andy Dalton, Nick Foles and Justin Fields weighed too heavily. bear.

Now, as his new quarterback, Robinson migrates from the NFC North to the bright lights of Los Angeles to match Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp with a wide alpha in a carefully determined Sean McVay attack, a scheme that ended only outside of the Football Outsiders attack. DVOA once in the last five seasons.

On the talent spectrum, Robinson ranks first in the NFL. He weighs about 6 feet-3 and weighs 220 pounds, is a flexible track runner, gives confidence in competitive catches and is a misleading weapon after the catch. Unsurprisingly, and most importantly, arguably the best quarterback to ever play at the college or professional level, the stars have finally lined up for Robinson in 2022 to advance to the top ten.

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I barely got into Landry in this piece because I think he missed a step or two, and a low-level athlete joined the league for the receiver position. However, Chris Olave’s first-round pick could extend Landry’s career and make him a more viable weapon in his first season back from college in Louisiana.

At its best, Landry is the best underlying property collector. Not the fastest, not the fastest, but probably the one with the strongest unexpected skills after the catch and of course the huge catch radius – the guy has more than 10 inches of hands. Now, Jameis Winston is one of the most aggressive downhill shooters on the field, but he showed a bit of conservative play before breaking a knee ligament last season. And, with Landry, Michael Thomas, and Deonte Harris, the Saints will have to live mostly underneath, moving the ball methodically across the field before finally removing the defensive cover with an Olave go ball.

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Even though Cox feels like he’s completely gone from the border superstar pedestal, he can still lead. Quietly, Cox recorded 44 respectable pressures in 2021. Now, beyond the loose explosive Javon Hargrave and the long athletic issue of Josh Sweat, Cox will play next to a 6-7 and 340-pound adult in the first round. Jordan Davis. As long as the Howie Roseman era lasted, the Eagles had a formidable defensive front. With this group, choose your poison. Unable to stop all game plans.

And it’s not like Cox is in the middle of 30 years. He will only turn 32 in December. The renaissance season is upon us for the long-awaited study for the Eagles.

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Given the rapid advances in medications and rehabilitation treatments, we all assume that all players can bounce back, unhindered, from a fracture of the ACL. That is not always the case. Sutton was injured in the 2nd week of 2020 and was not completely the same in the 2021 stretch. Given his slower and more consistent quarterback game, Sutton’s 776-yard 776-yard season was truly gratifying.

Nearly 6-4, a deceptively fast 220kg, a huge catch radius and a thunderous YAC talent should return to 100% in 2022 to regain shape in 2019, when he made 72 passes for 1,112 meters with six scores. And now Russell Wilson throws moon balls down the field. With Jerry Jeudy entering the 3rd year and a balanced attack thanks to a one-on-one blow from Melvin Gordon and Javonte Williams, Sutton will be more frequent than ever in his NFL career. He will set career highs this season.

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Waller was injured in 2021 – knee and back injuries plus COVID-19 – but managed to get on the field in 11 competitions. In those games, he averaged five receptions and nearly 61 yards, not far from the average for every game with the Raiders in the 2019 season.

But it was in 2020 when Waller became embroiled in a close-knit elite conversation with 107 receptions with 1,196 yards and nine touchdowns. Now fully healthy and suddenly brand new, with a wide new alpha on the list, Waller is on the line for his most effective season. The presence of Davante Adams will be seen as more advantageous than ever for the individual. And Hunter Renfrow will attract a lot of attention underneath. It will soon be one of the most dangerous weapons in the 30-year-old Waller game again in 2022.

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