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The Meridian Technology Center will offer an Industrial Technology track in the fall as part of the Energy and Power program.

Industrial technology is a term that most people hear but may not understand, according to Professor of Energy and Power Cody Erwin.

“When we talk about industrial technology, we are talking about a broad term that describes the technology used in the engineering process or in the manufacture of goods,” he explains. “Its application uses complex and intelligent machine processes to optimize resources. Industrial technology helps make the manufacturing process faster, simpler and more efficient. ”

New training in Industrial Technology will focus on industrial electrical systems, fluid power systems, mechanical drive systems, programmable logic controllers and process controls. Students will also learn to program robotics and mechatronics. Upon completion of the program, graduates will have the basic knowledge and skills to configure, operate, maintain, and repair advanced machines and control systems that power modern manufacturing facilities. This program will be offered in the morning and afternoon sessions at Meridian. Students can complete the program in less than a year.

Describing students who would stand out in the Industrial Technology program, Erwin said it is ideal for people who like to ask questions and want to know how things work.

“If you like building things with legos, disassembling things, or fixing a problem, this can be the perfect career,” Erwin said. “The work environment is fast, and time means money. Stopping an hour can lose thousands of profits for a business. ”

Income from the course curriculum and program equipment came from industry partners working on the program’s Business and Education Council. Erwin has spent the past year working with local technology industry companies to understand the changing needs of the industry. Interviews included job prospects, filling the skills gap, new equipment and employment barriers.

Representatives from the National Standard, Armstrong World Industries, Ditch Witch, Stillwater Power and Oklahoma Gas & Electric’s Sooner Power Plant worked with Erwin to develop an Industrial Technology career training career. In addition to helping identify equipment and content for its new program, many committee members have offered internships to students enrolled in current Energy and Power courses.

“Industrial technicians are key to the functioning and growth of the manufacturing industry,” Erwin said. “The technicians make sure everything works well.”

Current course in energy and power

In addition to the Industrial Technology pathway, Meridian’s Energy and Power program also includes training in Energy Production and Distribution, as well as an Electric Utility Lineworker pathway.

The study of Energy Production and Distribution covers mechanical, heat, chemical, electromagnetic and clean energy. Students learn through practical projects that demonstrate the interaction of creation, distribution, and energy use. This course will only be offered in the morning. Students will need one year to complete it.

Graduates of the Electric Utility Lineworker course typically work in hazardous conditions and must be able to work quickly and efficiently to keep the power moving. People who are pursuing this career should be physically fit, focused on safety, comfortable with height, and prepared to work in a variety of environments. Critical thinking is also essential for this profession, as online employees need to think quickly when problems arise. Students completing this program will be prepared for various careers in the energy sector as well as in telecommunications, utilities and construction. This program is available in the afternoon and is open to seniors and adults.

To learn more about career opportunities in the Energy and Power program, visit For more information or to register, contact a career counselor at 405-377-3333 or toll-free at 888-607-2509.

The Meridian Technology Center has been a driving force for economic development since 1975. With the mission of educating, enriching lives, and securing the economic future, Meridian provides full-time training programs, short courses, support for the workforce, and economic development, and entrepreneurship support. Agra, Carney, Glencoe, Guthrie, Morrison, Mulhall-Orlando, Pawnee, Perkins-Tryon, Perry and Stillwater school districts. The school is located in Stillwater and Guthrie. Meridian is one of 29 schools in the Oklahoma CareerTech system.


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