Morningstar launches Analytics Lab, a Data Science Platform for Financial Professionals

Morningstar Direct’s new capabilities allow users to create custom “Notebooks” Morningstar data and Research

CHICAGO, May 24, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Morningstar, Inc. (Nasdaq: MORN), a leading provider of independent investment research, announced today that it has launched Analytics Lab, a new capability for data scientists and analysts on its investment analysis platform, Morningstar Direct. launching the interactive research functionality last year. Analytics Lab allows users to programmatically research and deepen Morningstar data to find new opportunities to invest in success.

Analytics Lab provides users with access to a pre-built Morningstar research and development platform behind data sets, allowing users to create custom notebooks in a hosted environment, combining the capabilities of Morningstar data with Python programming language.

“Investors need to extract meaningful information from large amounts of data on a daily basis. Analytics Lab opens the door to Morningstar’s basic data and research so users can find new opportunities to invest much more effectively in a flexible environment,” said Frannie Besztery, head. Morningstar Direct. “Our data, analytics and communication capabilities create a completely new platform for the Morningstar universe that will empower our customers like never before.”

For those familiar with Python, the module evolves from a pre-built analytics tool to a fully customizable and customized platform. Users can now browse and find Morningstar data flexibly and using previously created datasets, lists and search criteria, and Morningstar Direct performance reports. As a result, Analytics Lab enables users with coding and analytics skills to automate their workflows faster than ever before and share these results with other Morningstar Direct users in their company.

Analytics Lab has features that make it easy to search for and develop long-term data development, including the ability to automatically drag and drop code, robust Python documentation, sample queries, and tutorials to help new users find and navigate Morningstar data. .

Coding skills are not a prerequisite for leveraging the technological power of the Analytics Lab. Morningstar’s pre-built research and dataset library combines multi-faceted datasets with automated analytics to help customers quickly view meaningful information and turn it into research action. For example, a business diversity dataset can examine the presence of diversity in the ownership of an asset management firm, the board, the workforce, company policies, and contracted service providers. Since its initial launch last year, Morningstar has released 13 sets of data on different industry trends and data sets on U.S. fund share trends, active and passive fund analysis, ESG issues, and more.

Access pre-built datasets, driven by notebooks, and Analytics Lab with any existing Morningstar Direct license. For more information on the Analytics Lab, click here.

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