MLB Weekend Summary: The Dodgers’ woes are getting worse against the Giants; To keep up with the Yankees Cubs sweeping pace

We’re in the middle of June, which means they’re preparing for “winter” sports to finish things off and there will be a window ahead of the football season where everything is baseball among the top American men’s professional sports professionals. In our world, it’s just a grinding season. We know this is a 162-match marathon with round trips.

What has this weekend brought to us? Let’s take a look.

Mention the weekend

Let’s look at these moves by Randy Aroza:

Pretty impressive stuff there and a great call from the MLB social media person with the Twister reference. Do people still play? Hmm …

Anyway, the Rays would dominate on Sunday in Minnesota to save one of the three before a big series this coming week (we’ll get to that in a bit).

The Giants have completed their Dodgers sweep

It’s been a tough sleigh for the Dodgers for the past two weeks or so, and they hope to have a bottom against the Giants this weekend. The Dodgers were eliminated in three games – San Francisco won the final 2-0 on Sunday – and he also lost an ankle to Walker Buehler due to an elbow injury. It will waste significant time.

Los Angeles got 2-24 in three games with runners up in the scoring position, and manager Dave Roberts said his attack was not the first “thought” in the team. Austin Slater and Mike Yastrzemski hit Julio Urías’ solo home in Sunday’s first inning, and Carlos Rodón and the Giants stood in the bullrings to complete the two running sessions.

The Dodgers are 37-23 and have lost nine of their last 13 games. They still lead the NL West, even though their lead has dropped to halfway through the game against the Padres. The Giants, meanwhile, are 33-26 and 3 1/2 in the game.

José is a running machine

The third baseman José Ramírez Guardians has been one of the best baseball players for a while and is likely to have a career year. At least in terms of execution production, it is. It was on display on Sunday. The A’s got a 1-0 lead at the top of the first inning, but Ramirez doubled the lead with a two-pointer to put Cleveland in the bottom half. Ramirez made it home on Thursday and Friday, followed by three runs on Sunday as the Guardians took three of the four RBI series. They have won 10 out of 13 and have gone a long way in the AL Central Twins.

Ramirez now has 59 RBI in 56 Guardians games. One player has not taken home more games than his team has played in the 1999 RBI’s 165 RBI since Manny Ramirez’s 165 RBI. It’s a long time to do here, but it’s worth our attention.

Goin ‘Streaking

There were some pretty long bouts over the weekend, both on the positive and the negative side. The A’s lost 10 games to a win on Saturday. The Brewers lost eight games on Sunday. The Phillies won nine in a row before finally losing on Sunday. The brave ones have come out of the weekend in full swing, however, 11 in a row.

These long waves of three competitors (at least hopeful competitors) show how quickly things can change when they play every day.

It’s no surprise that the Yankees have conducted a three-game sweep against the Cubs. They are much better teams. They needed 13 innings on Friday before they finally put things aside, but then they threw the Cubs 8-0 on Saturday and completely chased them when they won Sunday’s 18-4. Again, this is not surprising.

It’s notable, though, because the Yankees are playing at a ridiculous pace. They are now 44-16, which is the 119-game winning streak of 162 games. The record for victories in one season is 116, shared by the 1906 Cubs and 2001 Marines. Do you remember the Yankee dynasty of the early twentieth century? The team had the most games won in the regular season, 114 in 1998. That’s also the record for franchise victories.

Perhaps most notably, the Yankees have won at least 105 games five times in franchise history. These five teams won the World Series.

On stage

Yankees Rays (three games starting Tuesday) / Yankees Blue Jays (three games starting Friday): AL East race is not close. Right now, the Yankees have an 8 1/2 game lead over the Blue Jays and nine over the Rays. There’s a chance here, it depends on who takes advantage of it. The Yankees can harm the Rays and Jays by winning both series and pushing this thing to double figures. Conversely, if the two teams behind them win the series, the image of the division becomes muddy as the Yankees return a bit to the set.

Brewers at the Mets (three games starting Tuesday): A knockout preview is possible, so these are always the highlights. These two teams in particular, however, are worth seeing right now. The Brewers have just completed an eight-game losing streak. In that moment, they lost the first place. The Mets are still the leaders in the NL East, but the rise of the Braves has turned the race into a race instead of a breakaway. There’s a chance to have a fun series here, with many others looking at things.

Angels at Dodgers (two games starting Tuesday): It’s Los Angeles vs. “Los Angeles,” right? Whatever you want to call this series, it’s a fun inter-league fight with a lot of stellar strength. Angels recently suffered a huge loss while the Dodgers don’t play well either, but this is still a series to watch.

Red Sox Cardinals: Another World Series breakthrough? It may seem like a long time at the moment, but the 2021 Braves and 2019 Nationals are the last two examples of why it would be crazy to tell a team like these Red Sox away. Both teams are still in the playoffs today. We recently saw him in two Fall Classic games in 2004 and 2013. It also happened in 1946 and 1967.

White Sox Astrosen: It’s a rematch of last season’s ALDS, but it would be much more noticeable to see how things go in the White Sox. He has been one of the most disappointing this season and starts coach Tony La Russa to hear songs in support of his release. Anyway, it’s a tough series, but will the White Sox play for La Rossa’s job?

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