Metalenz and STMicroelectronics offer the world’s first

Metalenz and STMicroelectronics deliver the world’s first optical meta surface consumer electronics technology devices

Metalenz metagainazalak they are currently on the market in collaboration with STMicroelectronics, marking the breakthrough of this revolutionary optical technology in real-world devices.

Boston, MA and Geneva, Switzerland June 92022Metalenzthe first company to market meta-optics, and STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a global leader in semiconductors serving customers across the spectrum of electronic applications, announced today that it is the highly anticipated debut in the meta-optics devices market developed by ST today’s VL53L8 Direct Flight Time (dToF) sensor. their collaboration, which was announced in June 2021.

Metalenz’s Harvard-born meta-optics technology can replace existing complex and multi-element lenses and provide additional functionality with a single meta-optic embedded in ST’s flight time (ToF) modules, a leading company that supplies 3D sensor modules. . The introduction of Metalenz technology in these modules brings performance, power, size and cost advantages to a wide range of consumer, automotive and industrial applications. This is the first time that metasurface technology is commercially available and used in consumer devices.

Unlike traditional shaped and curved lenses, Metalenz’s new optics are completely flat. The planar surface optics are being manufactured in silicon wafers, along with electronics, for the first time in front of ST semiconductor factories. Meta-optics capture more light, provide multiple functions in a single layer, and allow for new sensation modes on smartphones and other devices while taking up less space. Metalenz’s flat lens technology replaces some of the existing optics in ST’s FnlightSense ™ ToF modules are useful for applications such as phones, drones, robots and vehicles. Of these, ST has sold more than 1.7 billion units to date.

“More than a decade of basic research has brought us here. The marketing of our meta-optics does this first meta surface to make the technology commercially available. ” said Rob Devlin, founder and CEO of Metalenz. “ST technology, manufacturing experiences and global reach can affect millions of consumers. We have several victories that mark the first application of our platform technology and now we are designing complete systems around its unique functionalities. Our meta-optics enable exciting new markets and new sensor capabilities in mobile form factors and at a competitive price. ”

ST ToF is a leading and leading innovator in sensor technology that uses the speed of light to accurately calculate proximity. The sensor accurately measures a photon, traveling at 299,792,458 meters / sec, to travel to a surface and reflect back. Since its first ToF sensor, ST and its technologies have helped revolutionize the autofocus of mobile cameras and, by detecting presence and detecting gestures, improve security and power efficiency in mobile and computer applications.

Perfectly complementing ST’s advanced manufacturing capabilities ToF technology, product internalization Metalenzena game change meta surface optics enables significant energy efficiency, optical performance and module size optimizations that benefit consumers, industry and the automotive markets. ” said Eric Aussedat, executive vice president and CEO of ST’s image subgroup. “Initially it focuses on applications using near-infrared wavelengths, especially for 3D sensation, the products we are presenting Metalenz They are perfectly suited for applications such as face authentication, camera support, consumer LIDAR and AR / VR, where a depth map is required. “

The partnership with Metalenz IP’s ST Manufacturing Technology brings tremendous precision and precision to the electronic chip industry to make highly accurate and repeatable meta-optics to unlock this all-new way of making lenses that combine very high quality and cost-effective manufacturing. .


About Metalenz
Metalenz, founded in 2016, is the first company to market meta-optics. With an exclusive worldwide license for the basic intellectual property portfolio related to metasurfaces developed at Capasso Lab at Harvard University, Metalenz holds more than 20 patents in many markets for innovations that simplify and enhance optical devices in many markets. The company’s meta-surface technology delivers complex, high-performance, multi-functional optical performance in a single semiconductor layer, relocating large-scale optical production to semiconductor foundries by printing lenses like computer chips. Metalenz was launched in 2021 with funding from major hidden investors including 3M Ventures, Applied Ventures LLC, Intel Capital, M Ventures, TDK Ventures and Foothill Ventures. Now on the market, Metalenz optics will be on millions of consumer devices this year. To collaborate with Metalenz and learn how they are revolutionizing the consumer electronics optical sensor, visit:

About STMicroelectronics
At ST, we are 48,000 creators and manufacturers of semiconductor technologies that dominate the semiconductor supply chain with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. As an integrated device manufacturer, we work with more than 200,000 customers and thousands of partners to design and build products, solutions and ecosystems that meet their challenges and opportunities and their need to support a more sustainable world. Our technologies enable smarter mobility, more efficient power and energy management, and the widespread expansion of the Internet of Things and connectivity. ST is committed to being carbon neutral by 2027. More information can be found at

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