McLeod Health Cheraw celebrates the miraculous long-term COVID patient


Paris Pate McLeod decided to leave Health Cheraw after spending more than 260 days in hospital. Accompanied by the staff, he gestures to the assembled crowd to celebrate his miraculous result.

Bennettsville’s Paris Pate spent more than 260 days dealing with complications from COVID-19 at McLeod Health Cheraw and McLeod Regional Medical Center. On Friday, May 20, 2022, hospital staff and members of the Cheraw and Bennettsville communities came together to celebrate with Pat and his family when they were discharged from McLeod Health Cheraw.

Speakers at the celebration included Eddie Davis Pate, pastor of Bennettsville Community of Grace Church, Pat Henegan, SC House Representative, Dr. Andre Dyer, McLeod Hospital, and James Smith Hospital Chaplain. Pate was also taken home in a limousine with a police escort.

Pate spoke to those gathered: “People say treat others the way you want to be treated. These lovely nurses and staff have been good to me … all of them. I’m very grateful to be alive, I’m grateful … grateful … grateful. Tell anyone “God has been good to me, and God has done it.”

A patient with McLeod Health Cheraw since December 2021, Pat has been affected by the lives of many hospital staff, most notably the Respiratory Therapy team. Danielle Pentecost, RRT, said: “Mrs. Pat has touched the lives of all the health care providers she has cared for. She has allowed us all to be a part of a real miracle, inspiring her when we needed it most. I was lucky enough to be a part of McLeod Cheraw’s recovery process, and one day I will never forget it, for it really touched my heart. When Mrs. Pate returned to her room, she sat down on the bed with tears in her face, and she said, “Thank you all, you all saved my life.” I’m doing it. ‘

Tracy Hatcher, RCP, shared: “Mrs. Pate is a patient who will always be remembered and will never be forgotten. She taught me more than I could ever teach her and it is a living proof that miracles happen every day. One day he asked if there was a way out, and I had the privilege of sharing this moment with him, along with his physiotherapist and nurse. “Thank you Jesus,” he said, “I’m shivering every time I think about it. All of this was worth it to me. The hard work, blood, sweat and tears from COVID were removed. He will always be very special to me and his will and determination ti will be something I strive for every day. All in all, Mrs. Pate has had a smile on her sweet face and has remained so strong in her faith. We helped her in her care until the end. He never gave up. Mrs. Pate is an expression of a humble, strong, kind, and decisive man, and I was honored to be a part of this hard time in his life, even though it wasn’t always easy, because in the end it was worth it. He did more for me than I could ever do. ”

“Paris seems to be part of our family here at McLeod Health Cheraw,” said registered breath therapist Sandi Byrd. “Those of us who have been working on breathing have been in Paris since day one. We’ve seen it in its lows and highs. I couldn’t imagine being in the hospital for months like him. I know he missed being around his family and friends. One day I noticed that my fingernails in Paris were very long and I asked him if I could cut them, and he said yes. I went to the store and got some stuff to give a ‘Little Spa Session’. My co-worker and I soaked our hands, washed and trimmed our fingernails, and rubbed on our face, hands, arms, and legs. He went on to say that he thought it was wonderful and reassuring. I am so grateful to have been a part of her care since she came to McLeod Health Cheraw to find out how far she has come in Paris.

Pricilla McRae, director of Respiratory Therapy, added: “As I listened to the staff at the shift change, who shared many experiences and tears about Ms. Pate’s progress, she recalls a quote from Steve Maraboli. “Even though it is easy to dream, we must never forget that it takes strength, dedication and courageous action to make that dream come true.” with his faith in God, his strength and his dedication, and the courageous actions of the medical staff at McLeod Health Cheraw, his dream came true.

“Ms. Pater’s recovery was highlighted by the amazing teamwork, compassion, and success of the Surgical Medicine, Respiratory Therapy, and Rehabilitation Services,” Cassie Davis told McLeod Service Excellence. “The attention he has given, the relationships he has developed and the progress he has made are not significant. Mrs. Pate is now walking with help and is constantly without oxygen. It has been a heartfelt task to move Ms. Pate to where she is today. ”

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