M Science launches Consumer Spending Trends Platform for Australia’s largest companies

NEW YORK AND SYDNEY – (BUSINESS THREAD) – M Science, a pioneer in data-driven research and analytics, today announced the launch of the Australian Spending Trends Platform. This initiative marks the expansion of the company’s growing global presence.

The new platform derived from M Science’s cutting-edge data provides visibility on a daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual basis in competitive benchmarking and consumer behavior. The new platform sets out customer spending patterns For more than 130 global and domestic brands in Australia, including food delivery services, grocery stores, DTC platforms, sports betting and travel agencies. Companies include Just Eat, Deliveroo, Woolworths, JbHifi, Afterpay, Temple and Webster and Harvey Norman. M Science will continue to improve its list of merchants across a wide spectrum of industries.

“For the first time, investors and businesses are seeing the exact visibility and data-driven Australian consumer spending platform with the new Australian Spending Trends Platform,” said John Tomlinson, CFA / CPA, Director General of Research. “Our new offering provides an in-depth view and understanding of spending trends that were a blind spot for investors, corporate clients and businesses.”

M Science is excited to apply its proven methodologies to the Australian market and to incorporate a data-driven approach into consumer and business spending behavior, including consumer trends and business performance. The launch of the Australia Spending Trends Platform provides a new and unique layer of business performance analysis that provides real-time companies and investors with real-time ownership of Australian consumer behavior and competitiveness analysis. “We are pleased to bring this consumer spending solution to Australian-focused investors and businesses, increasingly providing our investors and corporate clients with a global perspective on consumer behavior,” said Valentin Roduit, Head of International.

These efforts in the Australian region reflect M Science’s commitment to global expansion and expansion. The company remains committed to furthering its international presence, while helping global companies to understand the Australian market.

M Science has seen rapid growth in 2022. Earlier this year, the company launched Sundial, a new data platform that enables organizations and data buyers to discover, explore and connect alternative data in the most transparent, reliable and efficient way. M Science recently launched P1 Pulse, an online marketplace intelligence platform that provides marketers, brands, and manufacturers with the answers they need to win the global ecosystem. In addition, M Science has expanded its coverage to provide research and knowledge in a variety of industries, including educational technology and broader payments and fintech. It will bring additional marketing in the Consumer, Technology and Industry sectors at the end of the year.

For general interest and inquiries about participating in the presentation and accessing the platform, please contact [email protected] To see M Science’s full offer, see our Cover Page.

M About Science

M Science is a data-driven research and analytics company that revolutionizes research by finding new data sets and pioneering methodologies to provide intelligence and knowledge to major financial institutions and corporations. Our research team has decades of experience working with real-time data to capture critical insights that help clients make smarter, more informed decisions. We combine the best of finance, data and technology to create a truly unique value proposition for both financial services companies and large corporations in different sectors. M Science is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion to drive innovation in our workplace. M Power, M Science’s diversity diversity team, leads recruitment and education initiatives to promote an environment that achieves a variety of perspectives and better outcomes.

M Science is a portfolio company of Leucadia Investments, a division of Jefferies Financial Group Inc. (NYSE: JEF), with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Portland, Oregon. For more information, visit https://www.mscience.com/.

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