LILLEY: Trudeau acts according to his political science to remove restrictions

Trudeau did not want to remove a valuable political tool.

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Due to the growing political pressure, Justin Trudeau is allowing his government to calm down COVID-19’s travel and work orders.

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It is not due to “science”, as his government continues to claim – his government has not had the advice of Dr. Theresa Tam on these issues for a long time.

No, Trudeau is removing the requirement for Canadians to be vaccinated to get on a plane or train because of the constant delays at airports, specifically Pearson in Toronto. The decision to remove the requirement for federal workers to be completely vaccinated is not because they realized it was wrong to fire Mary, who has been working from home for two years, but because they need to hire more airport drivers.

Last Friday, Trudeau made a strong defense to continue with these mandates, even though he decided to remove his cabinet in principle and began to warn of the change in the industry.

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“I understand how tired everyone is of the pandemic, the different rules and restrictions we have to endure, but most people understand that this pandemic is not over,” Trudeau said when asked about these measures.

He continued, once again, that his government would continue to lead the best sciences. As I’ve been saying for a long time, his government follows political science, not just any medical science.

All the provinces in the country, at all political levels, have long since removed the evidence of vaccination requirements for public areas. Vaccinated and unvaccinated Canadians could sit side by side in a restaurant, bus, subway, or commuter train together.

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You could not do this on a plane or on the Via Rail train because Trudeau said it was to protect the public. That was never the case – it was always the use of this subject to tell the public that the Liberals were in charge of public health measures and the Conservatives were not.

The same reason is that until COVID was recaptured, Trudeau would wear a mask in the House of Commons when there were no Conservatives, but he would hold meetings and dinners with top Democrats in California without a mask. Everything is political.

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Last Friday, Tam, Canada’s medical director, was asked what advice he had given the government to continue or end the measures they are now leaving. Tam said it was better to check with the relevant ministers, who had already given advice, but when they pressed him he made it clear – without saying it directly – that he recommended ending it.

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In fact, according to sources, Tam has repeatedly recommended the removal of the vaccine order and a change in travel restrictions. In March, bureaucrats informed the airline that travel restrictions currently causing delays would be lifted by May 1st.

So if Tam recommended removing these restrictions and the bureaucrats were moving in that direction, as in every province in the country, why has nothing changed so far?

Because Trudeau didn’t want to change.

Playing that drum helped him win the election last fall, something he mentioned on Friday in defense of the measures he has now suspended. Trudeau did not want to remove a valuable political tool.

He took requests to hear angry voters about airport delays. It took over the entire lobby of the travel industry. Former NHL star Ryan Whitney had to post a video on social media about how bad Pearson was.

All of these things and the increasingly embarrassing catastrophe that was the busiest airport in Canada were eventually acted upon by Trudeau.

He will say that it is about science, but it was never, it was always about politics for him.

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