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Griffin Shaheen of Tupper Lake threw the ball in the playoffs against Harrisville on Monday. (Company Photo – Parker O’Brien)

TUPPER LAKE – Lumberjacks are not finished yet.

After dropping three games in a row to end the regular season, the Tupper Lake baseball team raised its intensity at the right time.

The Lumberjacks piled up the run on Monday at home before a 20-9 win over the Harrisville Pirates.

Griffin Shaheen was a high school student who dominated the Tupper Lake mound. In the six innings he played, Shaheen knocked out six Harrisville batters and delivered four hits.

“I felt good,” said Shaheen. “I had my boys behind me and it was good for me to know that there was a team behind me to play for me.”

Karter Kenniston of Tupper Lake takes the lead at first base on Monday in the home playoff against Harrisville. (Company Photo – Parker O’Brien)

Shaheen had an even better run from the plate, beating three or four with five runs. Suddenly, Shaheen burned a two-run triple on the outside.

“I sat on the ball and waited for him.” said Shaheen. “When he came in, I drove.”

Grant Godin of Lumberjacks also had a great day at the baptism. Godin, the senior, managed to get to the base in five appearances on his plate. Godin ended the game with a three-pointer and the triple of the cycle was shy.

Tupper Lake High School student Ryder Willett had a remarkable game, recording three singles and three RBIs. As a group, the carpenters received 12 blows and the pirates seven.

“I think it was a game we knew we could win, but we struggled with some basic elements by losing three games. I was proud to have the kids bounce back.” According to lumberjacks coach Dan Brown. “You get a little bit of a lack of confidence in your teenager – a bit of a lack of judgment because of the times – it’s very difficult to keep your fingers on them.

“Boys showed that they are mentally tough today” he added. “It makes me proud. It’s great to be around the ball, but being mentally tough will prove to be a success. “

Despite winning in double figures, Tupper Lake entered the ball game with a lack of confidence.

In the first inning, the stems recorded three errors, which allowed the Pirates to take a three-point advantage. Tupper Lake made two runs in the back half of the first inning, but Harrisville got another run in the second to take a 4-2 lead, hoping to quickly get out of the Lumberjack’s box.

That all changed when Godin raised the plate for Tupper Lake at the bottom of the third entrance. With one runner on the first base, Godin fired a shot from outside the box to equalize a 4-4 home run in two runs.

The Lumberjacks broke the deadlock when Shaheen hit a single and stole two bases to reach the third base after scoring a goal in the wild.

After scoring the fourth goal for both teams, Harrisville scored two goals in the fifth inning to regain the lead.

After a 6-5 lead, Tupper Lake kept his patience on the plate and ran nine runs at the bottom of the fifth inning to take a 14-6 lead. The Lumberjacks had six batters to get to the base on a walk or hit the field.

After the Pirates closed at the top of the sixth inning, Tupper Lakes made six more runs in the bottom half of the box before high schooler Grant Bencze closed the game in the Lumberjacks mound.

With the win, Tupper Lake, now in its 12-4 season, moves on to the X-Section D. Semifinal match, where the team will face Parishville-Hopkinton on Thursday at 5 p.m.

“It’s a team that won 5-0 and lost 14-10” said Brown. “Having confidence with 20 runs behind us will definitely help us.”

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