Isaac Hodgins Enthusiastic Oregon State Beavers Football Teams Use NIL Rules to Create a Yard Service Business

Isaac Hodgins enjoys physical work. Last summer, Oregon State’s defensive end came from Craigslist looking for people who needed help with gardening or farming.

Same goes for Logan Horton and Jake Overman with OSU teammates. Horton, a young runner, was handing out food to DoorDash and Instacart, but as gas prices soared, no pencil came out.

But before the name, image and similar laws came into force last summer, college athletes had limited access to income.

Now, the possibilities are endless. The NIL options that get the most holders are the target groups of promoters who offer guarantee packages to sweeten the offers for potential recruiters. But out of focus are football players like Hodgins, Horton and Overman, the NIL options they use to make their name and sweat to make money.

A few weeks ago as Hodgins, Overman, Horton, and Quinn Smith were studying the Bible for the former narrow-minded OSU, businesses began talking. From there came “Dam Good Home Exterior Services,” where quartets use their names as a catalyst to boost a home-based business service.

“We are hardworking and love hard work. That’s why we play football, ”Hodgins said.

The company logo is a beaver wearing a helmet that encourages mowing the lawn. They do everything from mowing and mowing patios, pressure washing, cleaning ditches, removing weeds, spreading dust or mulch, cleaning windows. Smith oversees the administrative side of the business, and the work of Hodgins, Overman, and Horton.

Dam Good Home Exterior Services logo

“With NIL, instead of doing successful work, we can do something that can save our names. Use this new thing for the benefit of the university frontier, ”Hodgins said.

Although most of the business is done in the Corvallis area, they are ready to go to Portland for large or multiple jobs.

They also talk about business.

“Right now we realize there’s a gap in the market,” said Overman, a high school student.

They are promoting the business by word of mouth, flyer, Facebook and Instagram (@damgoodhes). The flyer features images of players working in football uniforms. They are working on a website.

A couple of players take over the collections. The quartet includes a pair of lawn mowers, lawn mowers and a pressure washer. They have access to people in Corvallis who have more lawn mowing equipment.

“It simply came to our notice then. It’s not too hard work for us. We’ll leave your garden looking good, ”Hodgins said.

The cost of jobs varies. Hodgins says they go home and give him a quote. For example, Hodgins said they will cut and mow the mid-size front and backyard for about $ 60. Jobs are negotiable, of course.

“We need to have enough to get out and do, but also to make it cheap enough to hire people,” Hodgins said.

To prepare for the business, Overman said they practiced in their backyards, as well as in areas of a local church.

Their potential clients include: OSU football coaches and sports administration staff.

“They want to come this weekend. They have a pretty big house and work for us, ”Hodgins said.

Hodgins sees no danger in his reputation for working with clients knowing that they are affiliated with Oregon State Football.

“Oregon State is a kind of football culture. We are looking for excellence in everything we do, ”said Hodgins. “If we are mowing the lawn, it will be the same effort in a hurry to pass. The effort will not change. ”

Players are clear that they want to work for a fair pay. This isn’t about finding a new way to get a $ 100 intervention from a booster.

“We’re not looking for leaflets. We like to work hard, play football and cut meters on the side, “Hodgins said.” This business will definitely help us in college. “

The team hopes Dam Good Home Exterior Services will not be a summer miracle. They would like to keep the business intact for years to come, even after Hodgins, Overman, Horton and Smith had long since left Oregon State football.

“We expect it to be big enough this summer where we can start hiring some people or maybe other student-athletes,” Hodgins said.

Isaac Hodgins

Oregon State defensive end Isaac Hodgins does some grass work for a business run by teammates Logan Horton and Jake Overman. (Isaac Hodgins)

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