Is Alabama suitable for Arch Manning 1st hired?

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Last September, he met Nick Saban Peyton and Eli Manning in a Monday Night Football chat. While you’re watching the first one Alabama quarterback Jalen hurts play against Dallas CowboysSavannah took advantage of this to build a subtle recruitment field in the air.

“I wish I was training in Alabama when Peyton and Eli Manning were recruited, so you guys could play at Tide,” Saban said. “I would love to train a member of the Manning family.”

For anyone who has lived under a rock, Peyton and Eli are the uncles of New Orleans high school quarterback Arch Manning, the first player in the 2023 class and the most prized recruiter in the last two hiring cycles.

Manning is making an official visit to Alabama this weekend after visiting Georgia last week. He will visit Texas next weekend for his final official visit of the month.

Manning has the skills that Saban wanted to covet in the last half of his term in Alabama: he is precise, mobile, intelligent, and humble. It is also worth mentioning that Arch, who earned millions in his Name, Image and Appearance licenses, has said that he does not want to share himself in the market for the money. He just wants to play.

And, boy, can he play.

After Saban saw Heisman winner Johnny Manziel dancing to the entire Crimson Tide defense in 2012, the Bama coach decided he wanted a quarterback who could do the same.

His offensive coordinator at the time, Lane Kiffin, began hiring elite athletic QBs. Since then, we’ve seen Blake Sims, Hurts, Tua Tagovailoa, and Bryce Young see how dangerous Tide can be even when the game breaks down in attack because he threatens to run a quarter.

Saban also went on an offensive style, with less than control of the ball and a rise in the scoreboard. Over the past five seasons, Alabama has averaged more than 40 points per game, and QB doesn’t manage, but appears to be on the attack.

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Young Heisman’s winner is the latest personification of Savannah’s attack, and Manning’s skill set is similar. In fact, until the beginning of the month, it would be correct to say that Saban had the best chance of landing Manning.

Then Saban took a QB in his 2023 class: Eli Holstein of Louisiana is a great opportunity in itself, and he can play more than his position at Tuscaloosa if he allows it.

Since another QB in his class is already committed to the Tide, Manning may not think he would get a de facto gesture the way Young did in 2021. We’ve recently seen that programs become comfortable with taking on more than one quarterback in a recruiting class, but that also speaks to how some players feel not about the program but about the other.

Mac Jones got the ticket and went after Tagovailo, even though the signing was in the same class. They both came out on top, but Jones didn’t feel pressured to play right away.

Prior to the 2020 season, most believed that Young would be a beginner in Week 1 as a true first student. Instead, Jones won the Alabama 13-0 record and won his sixth national title in 12 years.

If you’re a Manning, though, why take the chance not to play at Tuscaloosa? Why wait your turn if you don’t need it?

Is Alabama Right for Arch Manning?

Is Alabama Right for Arch Manning?

RJ Young discusses the hiring of Alabama for the nation’s 1st general option, Arch Manning. RJ explains why Alabama isn’t the best fit for Manning if he wants to play as early as possible.

Often, fans want to accuse players of fear of competition by deciding whether or not to transfer a player’s commitment, transfer or not, rather than discuss it as a business decision. With less competition you can be the best and still achieve your goal (first round pick, win a national title), then why choose the path of more. resistance?

It should be argued that choosing Alabama is best for Manning, as the Tide has proven over the past 15 years that the best NFL Draft chances come from Tuscaloosa. Then there’s an argument that could attract Arch more: whether he wants to be the last of the great players to come out of Alabama and be on a team that has won a national title for every player he’s signed with Tide since. 2007?

Or does he want to become a legend?

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