How to make a collage in an Instagram story

Instagram has gone beyond the mere stream of photos that took its name, spreading direct messages, videos and, of course, stories, a Snapchat-like format that allows you to post content that is visible 24 hours a day.

While you can choose to post unique images and video clips in your Instagram story, you can create something even more striking by combining multiple photos together. The option to do so is available on Instagram, and third-party apps offer more design and formatting options.

This is not only an easy and fun way to add a little tune to your story, it also means less photos left on the sidelines. So go ahead: enter as many photos as you see fit.


The chances of making collages within Instagram are limited, but there they are. David Nield

It’s a good idea to first check out the built-in features available on Instagram so you know what’s possible without a third-party app. Long press Your story from the Home screen, then tap Add it to your storycontinued Select, and select the images you want to use. Choose Next and Design and start organizing.

The buttons at the top allow you to add stickers, text, and other items, and the one on the left allows you to change the layout of your collage; the options here will change depending on the images you have selected. When you’re happy with how it all looks, use it Your story (everyone sees it) or Close Friends (only close friends have seen) publishing options.

While these options are great to have on Instagram, they’re not the most advanced and don’t give you many options when it comes to positioning photos or adding effects. If you really want your photo collage to shine, you’ll need to go to a separate app.

Instagram it’s free Android and iOS.


Canva interface for designing Instagram stories.
You can start from scratch or use a template to launch a collage. David Nield

Canva has established a strong reputation as a powerful and feature-rich graphic design app, and can make some top-notch Instagram collages. From the Home screen, tap Social networks, Instagramand Instagram Story to start — You can select or select from Canva templates Create a gap to start from scratch.

To use + (plus) button to add images, text, stickers, and other items at the bottom, as well as additional templates. Once you have everything you need on the page, Canva allows you to resize and resize each object: select something and the options will appear below. When you’re done, you can export the results directly to Instagram to post to your story.

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Building your Instagram collage with Canva can take time and effort, but you get a lot of control over the look of your creation and can look at every pixel the way you want. You can create collages for free, though a Canva Pro subscription ($ 13 per month, with a free trial) allows you to get more stock photos, illustrations, and templates.

Canva free or $ 13 per month Android and iOS.

Adobe Express

Interface for creating Instagram collages in Adobe Express.
In Adobe Express, collages can be free-form or network-based. David Nield

The unknown sibling in Photoshop is a powerful social media collage maker. Adobe Express is similar to the Canva tool we mentioned above because it includes all kinds of graphic design projects, including flyers, logos, and social media images. You can subscribe to Instagram for free, although templates, stock content, and more advanced features are available for a $ 10 monthly subscription.

Here we are interested in Instagram collages, which you can create within Adobe Express by clicking Instagram stories from the home screen. Choose one of the templates or choose Start from scratch and you can start building your message. Then use it Add button to add new items (including images) and Design button to change the layout of the publication.

Images can be freely moved or linked to a network, and you have a number of helpful features here, including the ability to quickly remove the background behind a photo theme. You can also add simple animations (for example, in and out of blurring photos). When you’re done, you can send the results directly to Instagram.

Adobe Express free or $ 10 per month Android and iOS.


Instagram story collage template interface in Mojo app.
We’ve seen Mojo as a useful collage author on Instagram. David Nield

Mojo offers a variety of settings and layouts for Instagram story collages, and can help with all of your other social media platforms. There are hundreds of templates to work with, so you should be able to find something that matches the look you are looking for.

The Templates you start the tab, and after choosing your preferred layout, you can click in the blanks to upload your images. While you’re working, you can adjust colors, animations, and background music, and there’s a handy preview feature that lets you see how your post will look on Instagram.

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When you’re done, you can export your creations directly to Instagram. If you want to choose and edit a template instead of building a collage from a blank page, Mojo is worth a look: You can create Instagram stories for free with a small Mojo watermark, but it will be a $ 10 monthly subscription. more design options and additional templates are available.

Mojo free or $ 10 per month Android and iOS.

Spread it

Instagram stories collage interface in the Unfold app.
Unfold comes with many useful filters and effects. David Nield

The Unfold app comes from Squarespace, a web hosting and design company, so you know there’s a lot of engineering experience behind it. As with Mojo, it’s based on templates, and gives you a head start on creating your own story; all you have to do is select a template and choose your images.

There are hundreds of templates for screening, and many options for animations. You can easily put text and stickers on top of your social media creations, and there are nice touches throughout the app, such as the ability to complete a prepared list of your favorite templates.

Unfold is one of the best collage authors we’ve ever seen to build an unfolded post as quickly as possible, and you can post everything you do directly to Instagram. A premium subscription ($ 3 per month) gives you more templates, more text effects, and more photo editing options, but it’s also available for non-paying users.

Spread it free or $ 3 per month Android and iOS.

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