How could Tyreek Hill be the Deebo Samuel of the Miami Dolphins

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New Miami dolphins Coach Mike McDaniel has done this before.

One of the main reasons McDaniel got the job was because he was considered one of the most offensive rising intelligence in the NFL. The Dolphins hope to make the most of Miami’s attack, led by third-quarter quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

“Swaggy, that’s all I have to say about coach Mike,” Tagovailo told reporters. “I call him Mystic Mac. Like Conor McGregor, this guy likes to announce things. But his respect in the locker room is tremendous. The boys love him.”

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McDaniel has been working on the same offensive system since Yale was hired as a 22-year-old by Mike Shanahan in 2005 as Denver Broncos coach. The following year, he became an assistant to the Houston Texans. Working for coach Gary Kubia, as a Broncos quarterback, Shanahan learned his version of the West Coast attack.

While serving as the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator last season, McDaniel has been designing different ways to get Deebo Samuel footballer “wide back”. Samuel scored 1,770 yards in 2021, his third in the NFL. He hit a total of 77 catches in his 1,401-yard touchdown run, with the NFL leading 18.3 yards per catch.

But what made Samuel special was his ability to play football. According to Next Gen Stats, San Francisco lined up Samuel in the backfield with 78 offensive snapshots (10%), the highest among the recipients. He hit 365 yards and eight touchdowns. McDaniel worked on the second half of the season for Samuel to find creative ways to get the ball in the running game.

In March, the Dolphins made a successful deal to secure one of the most explosive NFL players on the Tyreek Hill, and McDaniel used it in a similar way while Samuel was with the Niners.

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Tyreek Hill is one of the NFL's top contenders

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Hill finished with 111 receptions last season with 1,239 yards and nine touchdowns. Six times the Pro Bowler and three times the All-Pro, Hill is 2,200 meters since being caught in 2016 by a wide receiver in the league, according to Next Gen Stats.

“From the start, both players are extraordinary when they have the ball in their hands,” McDaniel told reporters at NFL owners ’meetings when asked about Hill and Samuel. “So as long as you’re trying to highlight people’s skill sets as your starting point, that’s common.

“As for the exact way we’re going to use Tire Hill, the way Deebo Samuel used to be in San Francisco, there’s probably going to be some overlap. But Deebo Samuel evolved into that role because of the circumstances and the skills.

“I don’t expect a difference with Tyreek, where we’ll start with the basics of the receiver’s position. But I promise we won’t limit it.”

One way to increase Hill’s skill within the Miami attack is to continue to develop his ability to run Tagovailo’s RPOs (run-pass option plays). The Dolphins made RPOs last season with 18.7% of their snaps, and had a more consistent attack in the second half of the team as Miami won eight of their last nine games. From week 9, Tagovailo completed 69% of his passes in the 1,613 meters with nine touchdowns and five interceptions.

His effectiveness in the RPOs last season is an extension of the crime he committed at the University of Alabama. According to ESPN Statistics and Information, Tagovailo was 90.8 QBR in the RPO plays from 2018 to 2019, making at least 50 such attempts among the nation’s third signal callers.

“He’s an accurate quarterback who really knows how to put the ball where he wants it,” McDaniel told reporters last week.

As for Tagovailo’s accuracy, Hill sparked controversy when he said in his podcast that his new QB is more accurate than his predecessor, Chiefs Superstar Patrick Mahomes.

That’s up for debate, but McDaniel’s focus will be on Tagovail’s ability to be on time and on goal with football, and that’s what McDaniel said he has consistently done in his quarters at camp.

“He’s been a great coach,” McDaniel said when asked about working with the quarterback off-season. “The guard has dropped, and we have been able to maintain his high confidence, which he should be sure of now, while directing him and improving his game, which is everyone’s main goal.”

McDaniel said he noticed a change in Tagovailo’s head makeup from the time he showed up for off-season work in April until the end of the minicamp in June.

Hill said the same thing about his new QB.

“I feel like football is about trust,” Hill said. “And I’m very confident with my quarterback. If I’m able to help him gain all that confidence in the world and encourage other guys to gain that confidence, then heaven is the limit for that guy. A talent. He has crazy arm strength, arm talent. And we’re excited about the ball every day. watching them throw “.

In addition, the Dolphins have surrounded the Tagovail with free agent players such as defenders Raheem Mostert, Chase Edmonds and Sony Michel and receiver Cedrick Wilson. They also renewed the offensive line with the addition of Terron Armstead tackler and guard Connor Williams.

These players are already teaming up in a Miami attack with a mix of talent, including receivers Mike Gesicki and Jaylen Waddle.

Entering the third year, Tagovailo understands that he has no more excuses.

“I’ve been playing football for so long, to the point where I was set up at such a young age, with the way my dad trained,” Tagovailoa said. “Then, even in college, I was more scared of what my father would have to say to me after the game than my coach. [Nick] Saban.

“And it’s still like that in the NFL. But for me, I have it in my head that no matter how another coach feels about how I train or play, I know what I’m capable of.”

Now it’s up to Mystic Mac to get the most out of Tagovailo and Hill.

Eric D. Williams has been in the NFL for more than a decade, the Los Angeles Rams in Sports Illustrated, the Los Angeles Chargers for ESPN, and the Seattle Seahawks for the Tacoma News Tribune. Follow him on Twitter @eric_d_williams.

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