FOLX Health is launching a business solution that allows employers to provide health and wellness benefits to LGBTQIA + employees.

BOSTON – (BUSINESS THREAD) – FOLX Health, the provider of the first digital health care service designed for the medical needs of the LGBTQIA + community, today unveiled a business solution that allows employers to provide first-class care to LGBTQIA + employees. care advocacy, and community. In addition to health services, FOLX Health provides support to parents of LGBTQIA + youth and Human Resources and Benefits groups through training and education in diversity, equity and inclusion. As of today, Grindr, planful and Ali Forney Center, along with other technology companies, are providing FOLX Health’s gender affirmation, sexual and reproductive health care to their employees.

“Since its launch in 2020, FOLX’s mission has been to provide expertise to the queer and trans community. We are honored to take this mission one step further – in time for Pride Month – by helping employers provide our services to LGBTQIA + employees, “said Liana Douillet Guzmán, CEO of FOLX Health. because they suffer discrimination while seeking medical attention. Employers who provide this benefit ensure the care that employees need and deserve, especially at a time when our rights are being attacked across the country. ”

“Incorporating FOLX into our benefit offerings has given our employees a way to meet their special health needs in a more compassionate and efficient way,” said Heidi Schriefer (her), People & Places Director at Grindr. “The services provided by FOLX have improved the physical and mental well-being of our employees.”

“Given the tremendous differences between transgender and non-binary communities in various aspects of society, and especially in obtaining affirmative support through insurance coverage, we were delighted to learn that we could do something to help our colleagues at the Ali Forney Center,” said Alexander Roque. , President and CEO of Ali Forney Center. “FOLX is an additional solution that every employer should consider offering to its employees. The FOLX team is culturally and linguistically competent and has helped us navigate state and federal laws on supplementary health care, and has always been in a meeting with our staff, organizing information sessions, and responding to our TGNB colleagues. ”

In addition to working with employers, FOLX Health is launching a community platform that will provide access to LGBTQIA + health resources, peer groups, live events, learning programs, and community-based content. FOLX will launch a peer-to-peer team in partnership with the Schuyler Valleys. Bailar, the first open swimmer in the NCAA Division I, will lead these support teams while providing expert advice and human connection to the platform, something that many members of the LGBTQIA + community need.

As FOLX Health launches new revenue through its business solution, the company has decided to expand its C-Suite by appointing Brad Nations as commercial director. In this newly created role, Brad will be in charge of corporate strategy related to revenue growth, business development and collaboration channel distribution. The nation is a veteran of the health service with more than 25 years of experience and has led leadership roles in Castlight Health, ConsumerMedical (acquired by Alight, 2021) and Extend Health (acquired by WTW, 2012). She has been a tireless advocate for access to quality and equitable health care for all, as well as a transgender daughter of LGBTQIA + rights. In 2021, the Family of Nations created and funded a Texas State University scholarship designed to support LGBTQIA + students.

FOLX Health offers end-to-end virtual care, gender-based hormone replacement therapy, PrEP, care navigation, content, and community through a diverse network of specialized queer and trans providers. To learn more about FOLX Health, visit or email [email protected]


Launched in December 2020, FOLX Health is a provider of LGBTQIA + health care services built to meet the specific needs of the community. The company is offering a new healthcare standard built to serve LGBTQIA + people, rather than treating it as a problem to be solved. FOLX Health provides first-class virtual care, HRT, PrEP, care navigation, content, and community through a diverse network of specialized queer and trans providers. In January 2021, FOLX Health created the FOLX HRT Care Fund, which redistributes financial resources from within and outside the LGBTQIA + community to support trans, non-binary, and intersex people to support hormone replacement therapy care through FOLX.

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