Evvio emphasizes need for innovation in e-commerce payment technology as US e-commerce approaches $ 1 trillion and social commerce grows

Company Fluid Commerce ™ Technology combines profit and expense with fraud prevention in e-commerce networks, eliminating the need for a user to have a credit card or bank account.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 16, 2022 / Evvio, a next-generation e-commerce technology company, stressed the need for innovation in e-commerce payment technology today, with US e-commerce sales approaching $ 1 trillion, according to the Commerce Department. The company’s patented Fluid Commerce ™ technology alleviates profits and expenses in e-commerce networks and meets the growing needs of the industry, such as metabersion, sharing economy, online gaming and super applications.

The demand for discontinuation is also evident due to the rapid rise in person-to-person or social trade. According to Statista, social trade is expected to grow more than 5 times from 2020 to $ 2.9 trillion by 2026 worldwide. Evvio’s Fluid Commerce technology integrates profit, expense, and fraud prevention into e-commerce networks, including social commerce networks, and eliminates the need for credit cards. bank accounts and third-party processors for users to participate in e-commerce. This technology addresses the current flaws in payment systems caused by payment processing outside the digital market, as opposed to being fully integrated into them.

“Today’s e-commerce payment systems were developed for a pre-commercial era for retailers. For the rapidly evolving e-commerce space, they are now uncomfortable and include unnecessary transaction fees, delays and exclusions at every step,” said Adrian Jones, Co. -Creator of Evvio. “We launched Fluid Commerce to meet the need for frictionless e-commerce for everyone. Our technology allows our technology to engage in e-commerce anywhere and earn and spend using any currency or stored value. to do without friction “.

In addition, according to the FDIC Survey on Home Use of Banking and Financial Services, 16.1% of households without a bank mentioned “Don’t trust banks” as the main reason for not having a bank account. Because users do not need a bank account to use Fluid Commerce technology, it creates a wider market for non-bank and under-bankers.

Patented technology also raises e-commerce conversion rates by eliminating cumbersome steps. This is especially important as millennials and the younger generation have grown up in the digital age and expect transactions to be immediate. In the coming decades, $ 30 trillion in wealth will be passed on from baby boomers to millennials and the 10th generation. This means that e-commerce systems need to adapt quickly to these generations of digital experts.

“It’s an exciting time for e-commerce, with so many fast-growing areas, from person-to-person commerce to metabersion to super apps,” said Brad Albright, founder of Evvio. “Our technology expands the possibilities of e-commerce and we believe that users will quickly appreciate the removal of the experience and fees they bring.”

About Evvo

Evvio is a start-up e-commerce technology company. The company’s patented Fluid Commerce engine provides e-commerce transactions without friction and eliminates delays and fees and eliminates the need for the user to have a credit card or bank account. It allows anyone to safely earn and spend and includes certified metered services to prevent fraud. Fluid Commerce is inclusive, giving non-banks and non-banks a greater ability to earn and spend. It uses any digitally represented currency and offers wide availability in different types of markets. Technology is also expanding the revenue of e-commerce by increasing the number of buyers and sellers involved. For more information, visit www.evvio.com.


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