Eric and Wendy Schmidt Announce Fifth Schmidt Science Fellows Cohort

Schmidt is the initial program for Science Fellows Schmidt Futuresphilanthropic initiative of Eric and Wendy Schmidt. Now in its fifth year, Schmidt Science Fellows represents the role of Schmidt Futures in bringing together the brightest minds to solve the toughest challenges in society and now has 113 active fellows and students representing the original 30 nationalities. Fellows in the first cohorts are already serving as professors at prestigious universities, leading new companies and influencing politics.

Schmidt Science Fellows, co-sponsored by the Rhodes Trust, anticipates a world in which interdisciplinary science can flourish and face challenges that can challenge and accelerate discoveries that have a positive impact on the world. Each fellow accepts a maximum of one or two years $ 200,000 funding, individualized tutoring, and professional development sessions around the world to conduct research in a doctoral discipline and maximize their potential as future scientific leaders. Develop new therapies to treat cancer and heart disease among 2022 fellows, increase sustainable fuel production, restore sight for the blind, protect endangered species, create new approaches to clean water and energy, and more.

Eric SchmidtSchmidt Futures co-founder and former CEO and president of Google, said: “Our last team at Schmidt Science Fellows received our vision five years ago for the creation of this program. We find the most talented leaders of the next generation around the world and support these spectacular young people with the resources and networks they need. “Congratulations to Schmidt Science Fellows in 2022, I’m glad to see where your science is taking you and what you’re going to achieve.”

“In the first five years of this program, the fellows have combined biology and computer science to revolutionize the discovery of medicines. to identify new ways “. he said Wendy Schmidt, Co-founder of Schmidt Futures and president of The Schmidt Family Foundation. “This new cohort will be part of a growing network of interdisciplinary scientists and researchers involved in critical work that goes beyond any individual project. “

Dr. Megan KennaSchmidt, executive director of Science Fellows, said: “Scientists have the freedom to take risks with their science, to be ambitious without fear of the consequences of failure, and to get out of any discipline they need for the problem at hand. The clock is ticking in the face of the world’s great challenges.” I am proud to welcome our 2022 Schmidt Science Fellows to a community of scientists and collaborators who come together to harness the power of interdisciplinary science for the benefit of the world.

The 2022 cohort of Schmidt Science Fellows comes from 23 of the world’s leading science and engineering organizations. The cohort is 15 women and 14 men and represents 12 nationalities, including the first Fellows of the Program. Ireland and South Africa.

2022 Fellows announced today:

  • Juncal Arbelaiz – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Emmanuela Bonglack – Duke University
  • Maria Lastra CagigasUniversity of New South Wales Sydney
  • Xiangkun Cao – Cornell University
  • Paul ChenUniversity of Toronto
  • Mostapha Dakhchoune – Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne (EPFL)
  • Tiarnan DohertyUniversity of Cambridge
  • Kara FongUniversity of California, Berkeley
  • Berit GoodgeCornell University
  • Samuel GreeneColumbia University
  • Harsha Gurnani – University College London
  • Alexander HeydeHarvard University
  • Michael Heyns – University Cape Town
  • Natsumi KomatsuRice University
  • Caitlin MaikawaStanford University
  • Naomi Arita Merino – Wageningen University and Research
  • Elise NeedhamUniversity of Sydney
  • Kevin Ng – Francis Crick Institute
  • Ethan PeretsYale University
  • Elizabeth Phillips – University of Toronto
  • Jason QianHarvard University
  • Hannah RanaUniversity of Oxford
  • Tim SainburgUniversity of California, San Diego
  • Sandya SubramanianMassachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Anthony WaddleUniversity of Melbourne
  • Mingyi WangCarnegie Mellon University
  • Christine WilkinsonUniversity of California, Berkeley
  • Kevin ZhouDuke University
  • Hannah ZlotnickUniversity of Pennsylvania

More details on each of the 2022 fellows, including research interests and interdisciplinary science intentions, can be found here. here.

Schmidt Science Fellows are supported for at least one year and two years with one USD $ 100,000 annual grant to pursue his interdisciplinary science in the best possible laboratory for the world project. Each cohort participates in the Program’s Global Meeting Series, which offers tailor-made training, presentations of new concepts, visits to major interdisciplinary science centers, and opportunities to connect with renowned leaders in science, business, politics, and social thinking. Once selected, each fellow becomes a member of a community of interdisciplinary leaders who can bring about real and innovative change in the world.

About Schmidt Science Fellows

Schmidt Science Fellows is an initiative of Schmidt Futures, co-sponsored by the Rhodes Trust. The Schmidt Science Fellows Program helps scientists solve larger problems faster by identifying, developing, and augmenting the next generation of science leaders by building a community of scientists and interdisciplinary science advocates and leveraging this network to drive sectoral change.

Each year, Schmidt Science Fellows collaborates with around 100 of the world’s leading science and engineering organizations to identify the best, brightest, and tallest candidates for scholarship. Nominated candidates are then presented to the program before a rigorous selection process, which includes a paper-based academic review, final interviews with expert panels and juries from their home disciplines, including key representatives from many scientific disciplines and different business sectors.

About Schmidt Futures

Schmidt Futures is committed to extraordinary people who make the world a better place. created by Eric and Wendy Schmidt, Schmidt Futures is a philanthropic initiative that brings together talented people in networks to prove their ideas and solve difficult scientific and social problems. To learn more about our method and the capital and tools we spread, visit

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