Enko advances Enkompass platform by enabling X-Chem’s DNA-encoded library technology

Large data sets will train machine learning models and accelerate the rapid discovery of new crop protection solutions

MYSTIC, Conn., June 14, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Enkothe company announced the purchase of a crop health company, a proprietary DNA-encoded library and technology capabilities at the hands of the leading drug discovery service. X-Kim. Enko is the first company to incorporate this technology into agricultural applications. Libraries will help farmers accelerate the discovery and development of safe and sustainable crop protection solutions that are urgently needed.

DNA-encoded libraries are a proven tool for launching drug discovery projects for the effectiveness of the study of large and diverse chemical spaces. Enko has been a pioneer in applying this approach to the challenges of agriculture. This acquisition is an important breakthrough for Enko’s ENKOMPASS ™ platform, which combines DNA-coded library screening with machine learning and structure-based design to find new chemistry and new ways to control crop pests and diseases. Enko’s targeted discovery method uncovers promising chemical starting points in months compared to the years required by traditional R&D approaches.

“Diversity is the foundation and key to innovation in the field of drug design, and our farmers need it more than ever,” said Enko CEO and Founder. Jacqueline Heard. “Owning these X-Chem libraries gives us more flexibility to explore the chemical universe and predict which molecule will be suitable for a specific crop threat. For example, we can improve our screens to focus on a new structure targeted by pest insect enzymes. “It’s similar to the way researchers kill cancer drugs without killing other cancer cells.”

By pairing the DNA-encoded library screening machine with machine learning, Enko allows access to new chemical spaces, which is key to overcoming a wide range of pest resistance. With these new libraries, each experiment will generate high-quality molecular starting points and training data for machine learning models that increase the efficiency of hit generation and lead optimization. To learn about safe and effective new ways of action for pests, Enko can study billions of molecules in its DNA-encoded libraries and use artificial intelligence and machine learning to create more effective, faster ways to find and select the right treatments for the right goals. than anyone ever thought possible.

“The universe of chemicals that can be extracted to make safe and effective health products is huge. So far, researchers have barely scratched its surface,” he said. Noor Shaker, Vice President of X-Chem and a member of the Enko Board. “We are champions of the discovery of DEL-based medicines, and our work with Enko has shown the widespread application of this technology to target more targeted products in both pharmaceuticals and agriculture.”

This technology acquisition came after Enko partnered with three of the world’s largest agricultural companies: Bayer, Syngenta and Nufarm. Enko has had a very high success rate with the DEL program, providing new molecular starting points for multiple pest targets to combat weeds, fungi, insects, and soil parasites. The company’s approach was recognized at the World Economic Forum as a technological pioneer in 2021.

About Enko

Enko is designing safe and sustainable solutions for farmers today for the greatest crop threats, from pest resistance to new diseases. By applying the latest approaches to the discovery and development of medicines from pharmacy to plants, Enko is bringing a model of innovation to agriculture and meeting the evolving needs of farmers. Founded in 2017 and led by a team of proven scientists, entrepreneurs and veterans of the agricultural industry, Enko has the backing of investors including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Anterra Capital, Finistere Ventures, Novalis LifeSciences, Germin8 Ventures, TO Ventures Food and Rabo Food. & Agricultural Innovation Fund. Enko is headquartered there Mystic, Connecticut. For more information, visit enkochem.com.

About X-Chem

X-Chem is a leader in small molecule drug discovery services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. As a pioneer in DNA-encoded chemical library (LED) technology, the company leverages its market-leading LED platform against the challenges and valuable goals of finding new small molecule leads. As an expert in medical chemistry, X-Chem can take these paths and lead them to clinical candidates with unparalleled speed. Throughout the process, X-Chem’s advanced proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology accelerates every step of the process. X-Chem also provides libraries, reagents, and computer tools for DEL operators to get the most out of the DEL platform. X-Chem empowers its partners to effectively build drug pipelines from the target to the clinical candidate, enhanced with AI.

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