Economic plans for mental health in the north of the state, among the topics of recent democratic debate

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In the third and final debate in the Democratic primary on Thursday night, Deputy Tom Suozzi (D – Long Island) criticized Kathy Hochul for criticizing the history of the NRA’s approval, sparking discussions about the evolution of candidates on issues such as gun laws and abortion. .

The three Democratic gubernatorial candidates also discussed state taxes, gun laws, mental health funding, and New York state economic plans in a final debate ahead of the June 28 primary election.

Jochane Williams of Hochul in New York and Suozzi discussed New York public attorney at an event hosted by NBC 4 New York, Telemundo 47 and the Albany Times Union.

Candidates discussed mental health among young people in New York State and responded to concerns about the shortage of therapists and psychiatrists across the state. Williams said the state should build mental health infrastructure and the governor should prioritize its funding in the state budget.

Hochul has cited a $ 10 billion allocation in its budget to hire staff in areas such as mental health. He added that his administration had allocated funding to education, which would facilitate new mental health recruitment in the aftermath of the pandemic.

“We need to help raise these children again, and school mental health services will be a critical part,” Hochul said. “But we have the money to hire, hire, hire, recycle and get more people into this area. It’s critical. “

Suozzi responded that moving existing state, federal and local funded mental health services to schools would be more effective than continuing to allocate more funding.

Suozzi also advocated for tax cuts as a means of improving New York State’s economy, and said lower taxes would help maintain its current population and encourage New York businesses to relocate north. Hochul also stressed that hiring businesses for the area is essential to turn New York State’s economy around.

In a debate on lowering some state taxes, Hochul noted that attention has been paid to the last $ 1.2 billion in middle-class tax cuts, as well as the $ 2.2 billion tax returned to taxpayers in recent weeks. Hochul also said he has no plans to raise taxes on New Yorkers. Suozzi said he intends to cut the state income tax by 10%.

“People don’t feel like New York is cheap,” Suozzi said. “We have the highest taxes in the United States. That’s not something moving. That’s real life, because real people are suffering because we have the highest taxes in America. “

Williams responded by agreeing with Republican rhetoric about not raising taxes, saying that lowering taxes on workers and the middle class should increase the state’s tax revenue for millions of people who made a profit during the pandemic.

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With the Supreme Court ready to overturn New York State’s right to take up arms law, making it easier for people to obtain permits, Hochul said he intends to respond to the decision with a lasting legal approach tailored to any basis the court uses to attack. law.

Williams said there should be $ 1 trillion in the 2022-23 budget to combat gun violence, and stressed the difference between mass shootings and gun violence. State law alone cannot fix the latter, which is more difficult to deal with, he added.

“What hurt me to see these ads for signing this legislation was (was) the fact that the signing happened in the Bronx,” Williams said. “And those bills have nothing to do with the kind of gun violence you’re talking about right now.”

The discussion is second to Hochul and third to Williams and Suozzi, who discussed each other earlier in June. Early voting for the Democratic Governor’s primaries will begin on June 18 and end on Sunday, June 26.

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