Christian Angermayer is bullish about the psychedelic sector and life-extending technology

In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, TDR founder Shadd Dales and chief financial writer Benjamin A. Smith interview the company’s founder. Apeiron Investment Group, Christian Angermayer. Aperion is known in North America for its significant investments in psychedelic biopharmaceutical leaders atai Life Sciences NV ATAI and IPARRORRITZA Ways plc CMPS. On the agenda for the conversation: the volatility of the macro and cryptography market, the historical volatility that has taken over the biotechnology industry, the rise of life-changing technologies to change life games throughout our lives, and more.

Christian Angermayer is an entrepreneur and investor and creator Apeiron Investment Group, his family office and merchant bank business. Apeiron focuses on fintech, crypto-assets, technology, life sciences and other investments. Apeiron makes agreements throughout a company’s life cycle and balance sheet, from unlisted seed / initial investments to larger-scale restructuring and special status agreements. It also invests in venture capital and private equity funds.

Trade To Black Podcast Cliffsnotes:

Macro / Crypto

@ 1:28 Needless to say, the broad markets have been very volatile in recent times. For example, the NASDAQ has been down for seven weeks in a row for the first time since the Great Depression in 2008. Christian Angermayer gives his perspective on the current state of the markets. A good reference to the era.

@ 4:07 The biggest difference in the current market compared to 2001: non-basic valuation crises.

@ 4:50 Benjamin A. Smith believes that the psychedelic industry has a number of companies with flawed business models, with no chance of distinction or success. Christian Angermayer believes there are only “a few” legal psychedelic companies.

@ 8:15 p.m. Benjamin A. Smith comments on Christian’s interest rate and asks for his opinion on the cryptocurrency and stable currency massacre, where several have fallen through the US $ 1 peg. Next steps in the cryptography and DeFi market.

@ 22: 58 It eradicated more wealth than the massacre of cryptography Lehman Brothers It did so in percentages in 2008, but the market handled the decline well. The crypto industry is resilient.

@ 25:05 Stable coins like Terra Luna worked just as algorithmic ones should, and they failed. The crypto-world is responsible for investing in this failed experiment.

@ 26:45 A new way of life with a younger generation of investors.


@ 7:43 There are a lot of biotech stocks trading in cash in today’s environment. atai Life Sciences markets about $ 200 million in cash (including Aperion’s COMPASS investment) on the balance sheet, despite being an industry leader.

@ 9:08 Diversification in the psychedelic sector is important. The psychedelic compound works, according to Christian Angermayer.

@ 11: 40 The diversification of the Atai Life Sciences psychedelic pipeline was the main reason for the Apeiron Investment Grou.or did you invest in the company before it went public?

@ 14:58 Why has biotechnology hit harder than other industries in recent months? Christian believes that interest rates will not rise as much as people expect. Rising interest rates are a clear obstacle to the technology and biotechnology sector.

@ 18: 04 Biotech’s relative poor performance is linked to a major race in the bull market, which had to go down further. Forced sales are likely to occur.

Life Extension / Welfare

@ 27: 25 Christian Angermayer has a happier, healthier and longer lasting philosophy and invests in companies that are developing therapies in this area. Christian describes Apeiron’s investment in Rejuveron, a private company that is developing technologies to extend its life.

@ 30:56 Has COVID changed the way people view their health? The effects of the pandemic are beginning to show.

@ 35:11 According to Christian Angermayer, life-enhancing technologies will allow people to live a healthy and productive life in their centennial years.

@ 38: 01 Christian’s extensive supplement regimen is aimed at reducing the likelihood of heart disease and cancer so that he can participate in technology to prolong his future life. Tips for maintaining good health are provided.

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