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Cannabidiol (CBD) products are in high demand and are in tinctures, oils, capsules, topicals, vapes and gummies. CBD products can benefit many ailments, including helping to reduce stress, promote sleep, and improve your overall well-being. However, many of these claims remain unproven.

“CBD can help relieve anxiety, reduce inflammation and reduce pain, but researchers are still evaluating the effectiveness of CBD for these conditions,” says Jacob Hascalovici MD, a pain specialist who is serving as chief medical officer and co-founder of Clearing. to provide personalized attention to pain. If you decide to try CBD, it’s best to make sure you’re getting a high quality product, he advises.

Read our CBDmd review for tropical CBD gumballs.

(Note: Product details and pricing are accurate as they are published and are subject to change.)

cbdMD Tropical CBD Gummies at a Glance

  • Cost: The product is competitively priced at $ 89.99 for 30 servings of 50 milligrams of CBD.
  • Power: Gumballs are available in three strengths (10, 25 or 50 milligrams of CBD per gum), making it easy to find one that is right for you.
  • Quality: The components are third-party testing, and each product has a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) on the company’s website.
  • What I liked:
    • Refreshing tropical flavor
    • Gummies are made with 99% CBD isolate
    • It has undetectable THC levels
  • What I didn’t like:
    • Gummies have a slight flavor
    • The product is high in sugar
    • The products are said to be organic, but do not have a USDA-certified organic label

About cbdMD

In Charlotte, North Carolina, cbdMD was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Scott Coffman to bring cannabis-derived cannabinoids to consumers. In 2018, entrepreneur Marty Sumichrast, founder of the public company Level Brands, merged with Coffman and merged the two companies, cbdMD, Inc.

The company, which is a leader in hemp-derived wellness, produces a range of CBD products, including jelly beans, capsules, oil tinctures, topicals, beverage blends, botanicals and bath bombs, as well as sweet food and pet dyes.

Made with 100% natural CBD, all cbdMD products are tested by third parties before being sold in an ISO-accredited lab (online and nationwide retailers) and the lab results for each product are posted on the company’s website, allowing consumers to choose. to verify the accuracy and quality of each product.


Bottles of cbdMD tropical gum containing 1,500 milligrams of CBD (50 milligrams of CBD per gum) have the highest concentration of CBD available in cbdMD in the tropical gum variety. Each bottle has 30 jelly beans and sells for $ 89.99, but first-time customer promotion codes are available to reduce the price. Meanwhile, a 750 milligram bottle costs $ 59.99 and a 300 milligram bottle costs $ 29.99. Car packaging rates are also available, with a 30% discount per bottle.

Compared to other CBD gummies in the space, the prices of cbdMD are reasonable, especially considering the higher quality of the products. The 60-day money back guarantee makes the product even more attractive to try.


Since I am no stranger to CBD products, I chose the maximum potency option: 50 milligrams of CBD per gum. For starters, it probably makes sense to start with the lower power option offered by cbdMD, which is 10 milligrams of CBD per gum.

To date, most studies evaluating the effectiveness of CBD have used CBD oil instead of gum, so it is difficult to determine which dose is the most appropriate form of gum, says Dr. Hascalovici. According to Daniele Piomelli, MD, director of the Cannabis Research Center at the University of Irvin, California, the few health benefits established (or even suggested) for CBD require relatively large amounts of the compound.

For example, in terms of alleviating social anxiety about experiencing the positive effects of CBD — for example, the fear of public speaking — research suggests that a dose of 300 to 600 milligrams of CBD is needed, says Dr. Piomelli. As a reference, this is equivalent to consuming at least six cbdMD jelly beans as a single serving.


Friendly and gluten-free, these tropical gummy bears contain a mixture of CBD, CBG and CBN cannabinoids, plus a hemp extract of cbdMD consisting of terpenes. Other ingredients include tapioca starch, organic sugar, water, pectin, citric acid, sodium citrate, natural flavors, vegetable juice (color), paprika oleoresin (color), turmeric (color) and annatto extract (color).

cbdMD gumballs are also available in sour flavors (with broad-spectrum CBD) and fruit-flavored jellies (full-spectrum CBD). All of these options are GMO-free, and although the company says they are organic, they do not show a USDA-certified organic label.

According to the Certification of Tropical Rubber Product Analysis, a third-party hemp quality assurance test conducted by SA Laboratories ensures that the product does not contain perceptible levels of THC, heavy metals, solvent residues, foreign materials, or pesticides.

cbdMD Experience

About an hour or two before I went to bed I started taking a gummy bear at night. After a couple of days, I noticed a calming effect and I slept deeper with less difficulty falling asleep. I started taking an extra gum during the day if I felt stressed or anxious, and I felt like it was going to take away my edge. My only complaint is the slightly bitter taste of gum, but brushing my teeth was an easy remedy.

The bottle does not indicate how many gummies you consumed as a single serving, but I was able to find this information by visiting the product’s website, which recommends starting with one or two gummies each morning. Because I prefer to start the day with a strong coffee, I decided to take jelly beans at night. When I was taking a gummy bear during the day because of stress, it was usually in the evening, and I noticed a reduction in my anxiety level pretty quickly. Overall, I was impressed with the effectiveness of the product and saw that it improved my wellness routine.

Chewy CBD Gummies

One container contains a quantity of 30 gummies, and each individual serving contains a dose of 10 mg with pure isolated CBD-free CBD.

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Final Thoughts

CbdMD’s tropical CBD gumballs are a quality choice for those who want to add cannabinoids to their current routine. For those new to CBD products, consider starting with less potency to see how your body reacts. Anyone interested in using CBD should first seek advice from their healthcare provider.

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