Has technology helped us improve dental hygiene?

2.4 billion people have untreated tooth decay, which is just the beginning of the world’s dental problems. Keeping your teeth and teeth healthy goes beyond being a pearl of white smile. Your mouth is the entry point for germs and bacteria that can spread quickly from teeth and gums to other internal organs and systems … Read more

The futuristic Economic Forum predicts that technology will continue to be decentralized

MILWAUKEE – Blockchain, cryptocurrency and other technology trends will continue to bring changes in human culture and business, according to author, blogger, speaker and entrepreneur Samantha Radocchia. “Crypto or Bitcoin, which has at least been killed in the mainstream media, I think has been 447 times since 2010. There is a record of that,” he … Read more

With Todd Bell, technology, safety and leadership in the healthcare industry are interrupted

The number of data breaches against healthcare organizations increased by 84% between 2018 and 2021, and the total number of victims rose from 14 million in 2018 to 44.9 million in 2021. I would accept that companies with more technical people provide greater results, better growth, and better improvements for their organizations compared to lower-tech … Read more

The dismantling of technology startups has important lessons to learn

Times are changing. The situation is aptly explained by paraphrasing a line attributed to Vladimir Lenin: “There are months when nothing happens; and there are months when years pass. ‘ Until a few months ago, everything was fine. He was collecting new money. Initial public offerings (IPOs) were taking place or were being talked about. … Read more

Rackspace Technology was recognized as a leader in the 2022 ISG

SAN ANTONIO, Texas, July 5, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Rackspace Technology® (NASDAQ: RXT), a leading end-to-end multi-cloud technology solution company, announced today that it has recognized itself as a leader. 2022 ISG Provider Lens ™ Next-Gen Private / Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services and Solutions Report on Managed Hosting and Managed Services for the … Read more

Market for Integrated Risk Management Solutions – Major Technology Giants Buzz Again

The Global Integrated Risk Management Solutions Market Report is an objective and in-depth analysis of the current situation, with the growth of key players focused on key players, Integrated Risk Management Solutions market strategies and Integrated Risk Management Solutions. The analysis of Integrated Risk Management Solutions also includes important market achievements of Integrated Risk Management … Read more

BlackFin plays Andrew Weiss to practice Mortgage Technology

www.BlackFin-Group.com Andrew Weiss The tech industry veteran has joined the team to help lenders build efficient stacks of technology. Andrew has a disciplined approach that will protect BlackFin customers from shiny things when they need to build their businesses according to a well-developed strategic plan. ” – Keith Kemph, CEO of the BlackFin Group DENVER, … Read more