Philadelphia was at the center of the mental health revolution in the 19th century. An exhibition by the library company tells this story.

Philadelphia was in the middle of a revolution. No, don’t think that’s it. This revolutionized mental health treatment. Before the age of asylums full of people considered unfit to live in society, the XIX. In the twentieth century a small cohort of radical thinkers promoted an idea that predated his time: Mental illness is like … Read more

Myths about abortion and women’s mental health are widespread, experts say

“There’s so much misinformation, so many myths about abortion. Abortion will lead to substance abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts; abortion is bad for your health; every woman will regret it,” said social psychologist Brenda Major, professor emeritus. In the Department of Psychology and Brain Sciences at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Women who had an … Read more

A Florida health official announces COVID for lengthy comments

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo has been with Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis regarding COVID-19, including a March announcement. “The Florida Department of Health will be the first state to officially recommend COVID-19. Vaccines for healthy children,” said Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo. But after meeting with U.S. House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis this … Read more

Governor Lamont has announced that Connecticut coverage will be extended to childless adults, and new benefits have been added to the cost-free health insurance program.

Press Release 2022/07/01 Governor Lamont has announced that Connecticut coverage will be extended to childless adults, and new benefits have been added to the cost-free health insurance program. The program is funded by the State of Connecticut and managed by the Department of Social Services (HARTFORD, CT) – Gov. Ned Lamont – a member of … Read more

Students at Pathways Academy Participate in Healthy Eating Lessons

See larger image Students and staff at Pathways Academy of Medical Sciences at the University of Arkansas took a group photo on June 24 at Southeast Arkansas College, Pine Bluff, during the closing ceremony of the two-week intensive summer camp. Students are part of the Pathways ’Research Academic Mentoring Pathway for Underrepresented Minorities (RAMP-UP) program. … Read more

USPS meets financial health target, delivery limit remains, CX targets 2021 FY

The Postal Service regulator said the agency met its financial health target last year, the latest sign that the USPS is improving its long-term financial situation. However, the Postal Regulatory Commission, in its review of USPS ’2021 annual performance report, found that USPS did not meet most of its delivery performance and customer service goals. … Read more

3 paranormal experiences that have attracted the attention of Mental Health researchers

New research attempts to integrate “unreal” experiences with reality. getty Transcendent, mystical, and out-of-body experiences are becoming the dominant dialogue, not only in pop culture, but also in the field of psychological research. Although more and more research is emerging to try to determine the causes and nature of these experiences, it can still be … Read more

Call to Measure the Burden of Oral Disease in Nursing Homes

Oral health is essential for healthy aging, but ¨a silent epidemic of oral diseases¨ causes an disproportionate burden on older adults living in long-term care facilities. Access to dental care in these settings is almost non-existent. As the nation ages rapidly, this threatens to create a public health crisis. By 2030, one in five adults … Read more