Bruce Smith Not happy with Tony Boselli’s Hall of Fame selection

Hall of Fame defender Bruce Smith questioned why supporters of attacking Tony Boselli use Boselli’s action against Smith in a 1996 AFC wildcard game as one of the main reasons for choosing Boselli Pro Football Hall.

In a lengthy statement posted to Instagram on Monday night, Smith said voting at Boselli’s Hall of Fame sets a “tremendous precedent” based on the performance of a match for the candidacy of future candidates.

“Much of the campaign to promote Tony Boselli in the Hall of Fame seems to have focused on a single successful performance he had against me in a 1996 playoff game,” Smith wrote in his statement. “On the one hand, I am very happy to take another player’s game as a gold standard to determine the HOF qualifier. But on a more serious level, I and the other HOF believe that setting a negative precedent for negatively zeroing a permanent member of the Hall play to validate a candidate’s candidacy. “


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